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Date posted June 27, 2008 5:15 PM
Posted by Slick56
Report location New Jersey > Shark River/Manasquan Inlet > Long Branch/Moco/Bradley Beach
Fishing method Surf
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Man i was all over the place today. Fished Moco by the jetties throwing plugs on my new 10ft Lami xs10mhs, a bit stiff for pluggin but hey i like it that way. Nada, i fished 4 jetties and walked all over. Got in the car and headed to Long Branch. Paid 12 bucks and walked on the beach to a nice rock pile that had a rip near it. Tossed and tossed and tossed pencils, bucktails, topwater plugs, darters for nada!! Then some lady comes over and tells me to move, im to close to the garbage pail...huh? Turns out there are piping plovers all over there and she dont want me disturbing the babies. Hey at least the beach isnt closed right? left long branch and hit up bradley beach cuz i heard of fish being caught there. its a bit early to fish but i had no choice, got things to do later. Well...i got skunked at bradley beach as arms are tired hey but at least i was out on the beach fishing.....

Slick out!

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Joined: 05/09/2008
Posts: 132
 06/28/2008 02:46 PM  

Yesterday was tough man. Fish only ganged up on surf bunker in on or 2 spots. Even talked to a club bud who had 5 hits but could't seem to bring a fish in during that time. Some fish were caught by the almost guaranteed bunker/bass lottery.

However, you did things the right way. You went out and hit it hard, plugged away, the old fashioned way. Blind casting - does anyone remember blind casting before the bunker got here?surprise I was out ther too, 1 mile from the action and 1/2 hour too late. Tried my best anyway till the rain came at 9. You'll gettum next time,man.up

BTW, hope anyone reading this doesn't think I'm turning my nose at the bunker blitzes. Got a decent fish 25-28lbs on Tue, had to hop out in front of some rocks to do it. Controlled? insanity, people were running like it was a building on fire. Not the best conditions to fish, but we had em there for 1/2 hour. 8 fish caught where I was, 20's -30's.

Joined: 01/11/2006
Posts: 3396
Location: SI / New Jersey ><((((º>
 06/28/2008 08:00 PM  

Thx Rich, I gave it a go. I threw the bag at em and didnt even have a hit. I even picked out jetties with rips in front of em. Couldnt locate any bait at all. I tried different lures for different depths in the water column too. nada!! all around i heard it was a bad day for a lot of people.

Hope to fish with you soon! July and august are coming and man does that stink! blues and fluke time for me soon.

><((((º> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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