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Date posted May 27, 2013 7:52 PM
Posted by Roccus7
Report location Maine > Maine > John's Bay
Fishing method Boat
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Caught a cod 2 weeks ago that had two small flounder in his gut so I got motivated to give it a serious flounder shot today. Loaded up with mussels, softshell clams and sand worms.

Went out, chummed with mussels, clams & corn, pounded the bottom with a sash weight and put down a 2-hook rig with a clam on one hook and a worm on the other. Fast forward to 3 other spots, 2 hrs later (fished mud, sand, and gravel bottoms), and the same clam and worm were still on my line. Not even a crab or a lobster chewing out there. Water temp at 50 °F, beautiful sun and fished hour before/after high water.

Guess that cod wiped out the local population...

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