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Date posted June 7, 2018 12:24 PM
Posted by RestlessLady
Report location Offshore > HOTDOG OCMD
Fishing method Boat
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Both the Restless Lady and Restless Lady II went outside the Hotdog with full open boat crews yesterday. Ended the day with a good mix of yellow and bluefin tuna. Restless Lady had one YFT and RLII had four YFT and four BFT.

We still have a few prime days open for full charters as well as seats on our open boat trips. Let us pair you up with some fellow anglers and create an amazing offshore experience.

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Author Message

Joined: 08/22/2010
Posts: 17
Location: Suffolk Cnty Ny
 06/07/2018 12:34 PM  

Hi.. Awesome Pic. what type of fish is the 3rd one up from the bottom ? Thanks !!!


Joined: 07/10/2003
Posts: 2848
 06/07/2018 02:15 PM  

Batspeed9 wrote:

Hi.. Awesome Pic. what type of fish is the 3rd one up from the bottom ? Thanks !!!


Ling is King and Cusk are Deluxe!

Joined: 03/01/2007
Posts: 28
 06/07/2018 03:57 PM  

What is the Hot Dog?

BTW beautiful fish!

Joined: 09/03/2001
Posts: 2260
Location: Mamaroneck
 06/07/2018 07:31 PM  

Damn. I was a week early to the show! We were in OC last Wednesday on our run from Miami to Mamaroneck and the weather sucked and the tuna really weren't in solidly. So instead of running offshore in the cold fog on Thursday to fish for tuna as we planned, he ran straight up to NY through the fog. Wish I were down in OC now. Congrats Capt.

Joined: 11/15/2007
Posts: 1
 06/07/2018 08:29 PM  

Nice Job, Are you guys trolling or chunkin "The Dog" or both , I had fished there in the summer once and it was all chunking it seemed , thanks for the report .hope you guys get some business from here . mark - hot pepper

Joined: 08/03/2004
Posts: 4
 06/08/2018 04:40 PM  

Third From Bottom Fish

That fish looks like a "False Albecore" or Greenie or Greenback. The lines on the side are a giveaway. The only one I ever tried eating was very strong tasting and not pleasant. It is a Tuna but not anyone you might consider table fare.
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