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Date posted May 18, 2015 8:00 AM
Posted by BigBaby
Report location Offshore > Pulley Ridge
Fishing method Boat
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Took a 2.5 day trip out of Key West aboard the Yankee Capts with my friend Bobby T out of Brooklyn. After a 12 hour steam 150 miles Southwest we were greeted with beautiful blue waters teeming with life. Depths varied between 400-900 feet of water, needed between 2 and 3 pounds of lead to hold. Out of 20 anglers Bob and I were the only ones still using old fashioned reels, rest of the fellas electric. We deep dropped to find a variety of fish from blue line tile to snowy and yellow edge grouper with queen snappers and yellow eyed snappers mixed in. Once in a while a mahi school would stop by and be greeted by the spinning rod.

At night we anchored in 200-300 feet of water and went to work on the mutton snappers. After 30 minutes of inactivity I found myself fishing in near solicitude with only a couple of guys still awake. I felt a tug and gave a bit on the free spool to find myself fighting a 15 pound mutton seconds later. Unlike the fish found in deeper waters these guys will fight you tooth and nail until the bitter end. Just when I was recovering and thought I would be in for another 30 minute lull, I'm retrieving my line to check in the googly eye and the spool starters whizzing like a banshee. I knew this was no snapper and held on, adjusted drag accordingly and fought a beautiful black fin which turned out to be the pool fish. During the course of the night, sandwiched between 45 minutes of sleep I caught a few more muttons and pulled out the jig for 5 more tunas. Had 2 bite offs that practically spoiled me in half a minute, most likely wahoos.

Next morning went back to deeper waters then it was onward home. After fishing for 35.25/36 hours I showered and collapsed in a moribund sleep, waking up 30 minutes before reaching Key West.

In a last hurrah for the conventional reels coupled with a hearty dose of luck and the tenacity to stay awake I turned out to catch most fish as well as the biggest one. They will all go to good use must via immediate use by friends and family while some will be vacuum packed. I had a great time catching up and fishing with my good friend Bobby T as well as making new friends and learning much, some about fishing and some about myself. The crew and capt were phenomenal, men's men which to me is one of the highest compliment I can dole out.

My arms are cut all over, wrists searing in pain, would I do this trip again soon? Give me 12 hours for the neosporin to sink in and to kiss the pillow goodbye.

Pool fish


Mutton Snapper

Total tally

Relaxing at end

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Location: Mamaroneck
 05/18/2015 12:44 PM  

Great job. After my last deep drop trip using a conventional reel, I went out and got a Tanacom Bull electric setup. Just push that button and hang on.
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