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Date posted December 2, 2019 6:08 PM
Posted by BrooklynGirl
Report location North Fork > Orient Pt - BROOKLYN GIRL - Pretty Good Blackfish to 8 Pounds!!
Fishing method Boat
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James’ 16 angler charter thumped 48 keeper Tog to 7 pounds on the deck along with at least 250 shorts.

Tons of action. James had a great day with 7 keepers to 6 pounds. Mr. Lee had 7 keepers as well to 7 pounds. Charlie had 6 keepers to 6 pounds. Lots of nice fish.

Saturday 11/30 trip saw a sold out 24 angler open/split charter fish through the cold and breeze and put a respectable late season catch together.

A pick turned into a good bite for awhile in the morning with lots of nice keepers mixing in with lots of shorts. Few big ones in the mix with Walter taking the pool with a white chin right around 8 pounds.

Daniel, Mark, and Walter combined for 11 keepers, Mr Lee had 6 good ones. James’ group of 6 had a cooler with 18 good ones. Lots of 2 keeper catches but some had 3. Some had a tough day unfortunately.

The bite slowed with the tide and the last hour and a half was a slow pick but all in all it was a pretty good day with right around 45 keepers going home.

Pics below tell the tale

Last call for Tog 2019 on the BG this coming weekend (weather permitting) Saturday 12/7 & Sunday 12/8

Thanks, Capt. Ken & Barbara

Brooklyn Girl, Orient Pt

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Walter Pool 8 Pounds Saturday!

Nice Catch Saturday!

Mr. Lee Pool 7 Pounder!

Decent Day Saturday!

James’ Charter Good Day!

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