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Date posted October 2, 2018 9:33 AM
Posted by myjoyce
Report location Offshore > Correction: My Joyce II Giant Bluefin Tuna
Fishing method Boat
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Captain Ken and friends Joe Mole and New England friend, Moe, took the old My Joyce II up for a business mans holiday in Newburyport, MA. They had nice conditions and battled a 106 inch giant bluefin tuna. It was an awesome day and they all had a blast. Thank you to a great crew!

Giant Bluefin Tuna

Giant Bluefin Tuna

Giant Bluefin Tuna

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Author Message

Joined: 08/14/2003
Posts: 1049
Location: East Rockaway, NY
 10/02/2018 03:13 PM  

Great job brotha!!!

My biggest fear is that when i die my wife will sell my fishing gear for what I said i paid for it.

Joined: 04/29/2012
Posts: 280
 10/02/2018 04:52 PM  

Great fish, it had to dress at 600+ ?

Joined: 04/17/2002
Posts: 752
Location: mass. cove
 10/02/2018 04:59 PM  

Captain Ken always putting a smile on fishermen's faces. Awesome Horse mackerl

Joined: 10/25/2006
Posts: 497
Location: New Jersey
 10/02/2018 05:18 PM  

Nice fish Kenny

There are 4 seasons to the year and you can fish in all of them.  The season never ends...

Joined: 10/26/2005
Posts: 2
 10/04/2018 12:56 PM  

beautiful fish !!

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