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Date posted September 5, 2017 7:00 AM
Posted by BlackRose
Report location Offshore > Stellwagen Bank
Fishing method Boat
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Welcome to fall, everyone! One word for everyone: SCOPALAMINE. It'll save your day. Our last trip out there was one of those days that we needed the patch for. If one of your crew starts feeling sick, it's often the same as if the whole crew is sick. You don't want to plan on fishing and have your day cut short because of a seasickness event. It wasn't that bad on Saturday, and with seas calming down as the day progressed, I was optimistic for an epic day of shark fishing. But..

"Rich, where should I go for tuna today?" A buddy asked, who hadn't been fishing in a month. "Go to XXX." Hearing his "we hooked right up to the biggest tuna I've ever seen!" That made my day. I was excited to hear that. So, more tuna to be had on the big gear, if you want to watch balloons and live bait, hoping for the monster!

I'm remembering my days behind a desk and I know that many of you still live in that world. I promise to write more this fall to give you some reprieve....

Back to the sharks... In no time flat, we had 10 gallons of mackerel in the boat and ready to chunk up. I have had very good luck with chunks lately, bringing quality sharks to the boat vs. my normal chum buckets (though a lot more work!)

Adding some breakfast to the chum mix, however, was a recipe for a shorter day, despite one quick shark to the boat and a great drift. It happens. Just remember, "SCOPALAMINE."

The tuna bite is on the verge of insanity right now, so we are booking run+gun trips as well as live bait/giant trips. "Know thyself." Which trip do you want?

Capt. Rich Antonino, Black Rose Fishing Charters, 508-269-1882

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