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Date posted November 5, 2016 10:23 AM
Posted by Togandtunafishing
Report location Offshore > TogNTuna Tile Fish slam and swordfish
Fishing method Boat
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recieved reports of really nice water and a YFT bite in the Toms canyon. I rounded up a few guys short notice and we were

on our way. A great weather window allowed for a 48hr trip. upon arrival i wasnt surprised to see 80+ boats in a tight spot just south

east of the tip. Radio chatter was really quiet. wasnt much going on with the YFT bite so we set out 3 sword rods in hopes of a broadbill.

not a bite all night and at first lite right before we wanted to wrap up and set up on the tunies. a rod goes off and 20min later a keeper

sword that just made the cut, what a fiesty fish. we set up on the water where we seen a few marks during the night. about 7am

we started marking them heavy but couldent get them to bite, ended up with one 20lb yft on a jig. Time to go something else until something

happens if it happens. My knowledge of the toms canyon deep dropping was near non existant with a full list of drops in the hudson i decidede

to use my intuition and search for some tile without any coordinates . 450ft of water a little structure and bam. We fished that area all day and

everyfish was a monster blueline tile. Ive had bigger goldens but never these size bluelines. score! we spent the nite swordfishing with the fleet

gone and the only boat left. Released 1 pup sword and missed a good bite. We decided to wrap it up with a limit of Tile. As soon as we got service i looked up the world record blueline and it was

20.4 in 2013 and most recently a 23.4 that was caught in the lindencohl.. i knew we had atleast 3 fish that could compete. We ended up with 3 fish

over 20lbs one wighing in at 21.8. so close but yet so far.I think i know where that record fish is and im going after him. all in all great trip great

time. tons of deliciose meat. we where using a mix of manual and electric reels and my research made me aware that IGFA disqualifies a fish caught on

electric reel. Good to know!

Tog open boat capt Al 929 327 9510




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