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Location Area State Method Author Date 
kayak North Shore NY Boat denw72 07/28/11 10:15 AM
another great night in the kayak Western Sound NY Boat denw72 06/29/11 10:30 AM
kayak Western Sound NY Boat denw72 06/16/11 09:53 AM
kayak New York Bight NY Boat denw72 05/02/11 10:28 AM
kayak New York Bight NY Boat denw72 05/02/11 10:17 AM
field 6 Debs/Jones NY Surf denw72 06/13/10 10:40 AM
westend 2 beach Debs/Jones NY Surf denw72 10/24/08 09:49 AM
kayak/back bay marshes Debs/Jones NY Boat denw72 08/28/08 09:33 AM
backbay marsh flats/kayak Debs/Jones NY Boat denw72 08/01/08 11:45 AM
point lookout/kayak Debs/Jones NY Boat denw72 07/26/08 09:38 PM
freeport Debs/Jones NY Surf denw72 05/27/08 10:35 PM
Freeport Debs/Jones NY Surf denw72 03/24/08 10:39 PM
point lookout Debs/Jones NY Boat denw72 11/04/07 12:57 PM

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