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fishfinder/captree Fire Island NY Boat captgag 11/19/07 01:02 PM
Same as yesterday......... North Shore NY Surf Necronomicon 11/19/07 12:49 PM
A TALE OF TWO TRIPS New York Bight NY Boat steamboat1 11/19/07 12:20 PM
Smithtown - Late Report North Shore NY Boat trafik 11/19/07 12:13 PM
asbury Raritan Bay NJ Boat maddhatterr 11/19/07 12:10 PM
Sea Girt Shark River/Manasquan Inlet NJ Surf MaxKatt1 11/19/07 11:27 AM
RM 4 then 2 Fire Island NY Surf Iplayfair 11/19/07 11:26 AM
TC Buoy Raritan Bay NJ Boat captart 11/19/07 10:42 AM
STIPER MADNESS!!!! Fire Island NY Boat StriperSniper93 11/19/07 10:09 AM
all over Fire Island NY Surf theprofessional 11/19/07 10:08 AM
ISLAND PRINCESS CAPTREE Fire Island NY Boat StriperSniper93 11/19/07 10:03 AM
Port Jeff North Shore NY Boat SeaLion 11/19/07 09:47 AM
East River - NYC - late post New York Bight NY Surf joehattan 11/19/07 09:40 AM
Moses Fire Island NY Surf Chuck94 11/19/07 09:26 AM
Manhasset Bay -- Still Here Western Sound NY Surf TakinONwater 11/19/07 09:25 AM
Crazy Fishing on Capt.Mike New York Bight NY Boat Fishermaan 11/19/07 09:17 AM
georgica- fall madness Montauk NY Surf gitrdone18 11/19/07 09:12 AM
on the fishfinder Fire Island NY Boat Pogmophon 11/19/07 09:00 AM
Just Look'n for a Good Time... Moriches NY Surf Bass Man 1 11/19/07 08:59 AM
11B North Shore NY Boat AllyKat 11/19/07 08:53 AM
Norwalk Western CT CT Boat gottaway 11/19/07 08:32 AM
Montauk rips Montauk NY Boat sagflycatcher 11/19/07 08:28 AM
Montauk Montauk NY Boat ESTIMATOR 11/19/07 07:32 AM
BLOCK ISLAND TAUG Montauk NY Boat MPBF4 11/19/07 06:53 AM
Staten Island New York Bight NY Surf janus 11/19/07 05:27 AM

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