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Location Area State Method Author Date 
jamaica bay New York Bight NY Boat boloranks 09/25/02 11:32 PM
Little Neck Bay Western Sound NY Boat bagsec 09/25/02 11:30 PM
Jones Reef Montauk NY Surf seacups 09/25/02 10:39 PM
inlet jones Debs/Jones NY Boat bayrat1 09/25/02 10:24 PM
captree Fire Island NY Boat mk58 09/25/02 10:10 PM
fire island inlet Fire Island NY Boat Cptnstanb 09/25/02 09:48 PM
Western Sound/K buoy Offshore NY Boat JoeBfishing 09/25/02 09:31 PM
Mt.Sinai Harbor North Shore NY Boat Striper77 09/25/02 08:36 PM
Coney Island Flats New York Bight NY Boat WingsIV 09/25/02 08:32 PM
Rocky Point Beach North Shore NY Surf Striper77 09/25/02 08:29 PM
LONG ISLAND (DOCK) New York Bight NY Surf FLUKEKID 09/25/02 08:12 PM
village area Shinnecock NY Surf surfjerk1 09/25/02 07:01 PM
gilgo, thumb, demo.field,3,4,5 Fire Island NY Surf sandman 09/25/02 06:52 PM
R. Moses Field 2 Fire Island NY Surf inlikeflynn 09/25/02 05:29 PM
City Island / Manhasset Western Sound NY Boat stryker 09/25/02 04:53 PM
Oyster Bay/Cold Spring Hbr North Shore NY Boat FastMonkey 09/25/02 04:22 PM
west meadow North Shore NY Fly Fishing frankiefly 09/25/02 04:18 PM
northville-sound North Fork NY Boat Northforkfish 09/25/02 03:39 PM
Eatons Neck/Mattinecock North Shore NY Boat JLR 09/25/02 03:16 PM
sunken/RM#2 & 5 Fire Island NY Surf TOMMYBOY1 09/25/02 12:07 PM
The Race North Fork NY Boat Halkman26 09/25/02 11:23 AM
inwood five towns New York Bight NY Surf seanote 09/25/02 10:53 AM
Milford Western CT CT Boat waterdance 09/25/02 10:32 AM
great kills New York Bight NY Boat seachaser 09/25/02 10:25 AM
CAMP HERO Montauk NY Surf BASS55 09/25/02 10:16 AM

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