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Location Area State Method Author Date 
Great South Bay Fire Island NY Boat Maybe_Tonight 11/19/11 11:41 PM
captree princess/togs Fire Island NY Boat CAPTROBERT 11/19/11 09:44 PM
Captree Princess Fire Island NY Boat ekihss 11/19/11 09:36 PM
SUPER HAWK WRECK TRIP!! Debs/Jones NY Boat SUPERHAWK8 11/19/11 08:47 PM
47ft/80ft. New York Bight NY Boat singlerig1 11/19/11 08:38 PM
South Fork South Fork NY Surf f150OffRoad 11/19/11 08:11 PM
Marilyn Jean IV Sheepshead Bay Steady Toggin' New York Bight NY Boat CaptRyanSHB 11/19/11 08:09 PM
Riptide North Shore NY Boat MK158 11/19/11 08:06 PM
Karen Ann Charters New York Bight NY Boat CaptVCKAC 11/19/11 07:30 PM
lower hudson Hudson River NJ Surf khanh 11/19/11 07:06 PM
Out front of Snookie's house again! Barnegat Inlet NJ Surf UrbanFishingMan 11/19/11 06:46 PM
ANGLER FLEET Port Washington TOGS Western Sound NY Boat TheAngler 11/19/11 06:30 PM
Middlebank2 Western CT CT Boat movetheboat 11/19/11 06:24 PM
BROOKLYN VI UPDATE New York Bight NY Boat brooklynsquid 11/19/11 06:00 PM
Flamingo New York Bight NY Boat dieselgrady 11/19/11 05:51 PM
huntington North Shore NY Boat edbass 11/19/11 05:22 PM
Mamaroneck Western Sound NY Boat Jillybird 11/19/11 04:55 PM
Elizabeth II Charters Montauk NY Boat ElizabethIIMTK 11/19/11 04:42 PM
Elizabeth II Charters Limit of Bass Using Herring Montauk NY Boat ElizabethIIMTK 11/19/11 04:37 PM
PLUM North Fork NY Boat reelcrazyII 11/19/11 04:34 PM
A Happy Walrus Debs/Jones NY Boat thewalrus 11/19/11 04:27 PM
Angler Fleet Western Sound NY Boat unclax0107 11/19/11 04:18 PM
Western South Shore Western South Shore NY Surf jdmjr 11/19/11 04:14 PM
flamingo 3 New York Bight NY Boat hammermill 11/19/11 03:41 PM

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