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FISHFINDER Fire Island NY Boat Imjus4u2nv 11/19/09 11:14 PM
The Spot Debs/Jones NY Boat NYBestFisherman 11/19/09 10:48 PM
CELTIC QUEST! BLACKFISH North Fork NY Boat Capt Desmond 11/19/09 08:37 PM
RM3 to Tobay Fire Island NY Surf Fishalicious 11/19/09 08:27 PM
moriches inlet Moriches NY Boat sluicewaydave 11/19/09 08:24 PM
Laura Lee Striper blitz Fire Island NY Boat captainkenlauralee 11/19/09 08:21 PM
F-5 Bob Mo.... Fire Island NY Surf Idlesmooth 11/19/09 08:15 PM
ISLAND CURRENT FLEET GOOD BLACKFISHING Western Sound NY Boat islandcurrent 11/19/09 08:08 PM
Anagansett Montauk NY Surf surfnsweet 11/19/09 08:01 PM
Fire Island Area Fire Island NY Surf BlkSkimmer 11/19/09 07:50 PM
Rye Western Sound NY Boat flonderbound 11/19/09 07:41 PM
The Demo Fire Island NY Surf theprofessional 11/19/09 07:28 PM
shinny east-moses Fire Island NY Surf basskin 11/19/09 06:39 PM
FLAMINGO 3 New York Bight NY Boat robbbbbyrobb 11/19/09 06:33 PM
fi ocean Fire Island NY Boat artelec 11/19/09 06:17 PM
Marlin VI Princess Montauk NY Boat sungal 11/19/09 06:00 PM
Tilden New York Bight NY Surf JPinto9405 11/19/09 05:55 PM
Bridgeport middlebank Western CT CT Boat junkie 11/19/09 05:48 PM
Town Beach Montauk NY Surf 2Sons 11/19/09 04:50 PM
Moriches Inlet Moriches NY Boat CaptainJim 11/19/09 04:46 PM
ANGLER Sailing tomorrow Western Sound NY Boat TheAngler 11/19/09 04:35 PM
Ocean Fire Island NY Boat Scuttlebut 11/19/09 04:34 PM
mstone Shinnecock NY Surf fishooker 11/19/09 03:40 PM
<:))))>< SKIFFS STILL IN ~ GAVE THE TOG ONE MORE SHOT IN THE BAY WITH UNCLE LOUIE G ><))))):> New York Bight NY Boat mojoe 11/19/09 02:57 PM
ROSIE MONTAUK SLAMMER TOG!!!! Montauk NY Boat fishrman 11/19/09 02:51 PM

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