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Location Area State Method Author Date 
a short walk from the car Fire Island NY Surf SALMONMEISTERI 11/19/08 11:44 PM
Long Beach Surf Debs/Jones NY Surf lazerjoe99 11/19/08 09:08 PM
moses Fire Island NY Surf acepop 11/19/08 08:14 PM
Left them biting... Debs/Jones NY Surf longbeachbass 11/19/08 08:10 PM
Gilgo to Cedar Fire Island NY Surf Hendrixlives 11/19/08 07:58 PM
Stripers on the Troll Moriches NY Boat fretlessfishrmn 11/19/08 07:57 PM
Long Beach Debs/Jones NY Surf acenomics 11/19/08 06:49 PM
thumb,gilgo Fire Island NY Surf striper511 11/19/08 06:01 PM
PRIMETIME3 BLACKS FOR ME ! North Fork NY Boat primetime3 11/19/08 04:16 PM
ISLAND CURRENT FLEET BLACKFISH Western Sound NY Boat islandcurrent 11/19/08 03:56 PM
BROOKLYN VI New York Bight NY Boat brooklynsquid 11/19/08 02:18 PM
Tin&Teaser Town Fire Island NY Surf Fishalicious 11/19/08 01:41 PM
everywhere Montauk NY Surf shredgit7 11/19/08 12:58 PM
WE2 Debs/Jones NY Surf kalispimenta 11/19/08 12:48 PM
Long Branch/Sandy Hook Raritan Bay NJ Surf geyssonh 11/19/08 11:20 AM
Rockaway Beach 79th-92nd Jetties New York Bight NY Surf whits1 11/19/08 10:18 AM
Moses Fire Island NY Surf fishbonez 11/19/08 09:52 AM
long beach Debs/Jones NY Surf kennemarv1 11/19/08 09:32 AM
"Hitchcock" Beach Debs/Jones NY Surf Surfdad 11/19/08 08:21 AM
Sandy Hook \ Rip Raritan Bay NJ Surf HarryS 11/19/08 08:18 AM
stamford ct Western CT CT Boat MRSEA2 11/18/08 11:39 PM
all over Fire Island NY Surf striper511 11/18/08 09:42 PM
south of Stamford Western CT CT Boat FlyingConnie 11/18/08 08:20 PM
Long Beach Debs/Jones NY Surf tomjg 11/18/08 08:11 PM
the beach Debs/Jones NY Surf CHEVY1 11/18/08 07:32 PM

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