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Location Area State Method Author Date 
Montauk Pt Montauk NY Surf 5Bricks 11/19/06 11:15 PM
East River New York Bight NY Surf joehattan 11/19/06 11:07 PM
11B North Shore NY Boat AllyKat 11/19/06 10:37 PM
Orchard Beach Western Sound NY Surf sulmac 11/19/06 10:35 PM
long beach Debs/Jones NY Surf Pascal 11/19/06 09:53 PM
WEst bar Debs/Jones NY Boat longbond 11/19/06 09:35 PM
NAVIGATOR New York Bight NY Boat captrob 11/19/06 09:30 PM
front side demo Fire Island NY Surf castmasterbp 11/19/06 09:23 PM
CQ-Tog!!! North Shore NY Boat crabcake 11/19/06 09:19 PM
jones inlet west bar Debs/Jones NY Boat BALLSDEEP 11/19/06 09:12 PM
Stamford Western CT CT Boat Quailoh 11/19/06 08:57 PM
MARILYN JEAN CHARTERS New York Bight NY Boat TonySMJC 11/19/06 08:48 PM
AB Reef SE Debs/Jones NY Boat Gary Sinestra 11/19/06 08:29 PM
Obstruction, Eatons FISH FISH FISH Western Sound NY Boat GINOSS 11/19/06 08:20 PM
OSPREY III North Shore NY Boat BlackFishKING 11/19/06 08:20 PM
ISLAND CURRENT FLEET: WEEKEND BLACKFISHING Western Sound NY Boat islandcurrent 11/19/06 08:19 PM
lower new york bay New York Bight NY Surf cassidykid226 11/19/06 08:12 PM
seaotter v Montauk NY Boat togilator 11/19/06 08:04 PM
BIG-M-EXPRESS V CHARTERS New York Bight NY Boat capsjf 11/19/06 08:02 PM
RARITAN BAY Debs/Jones NY Boat GLEN 11/19/06 08:02 PM
HH to Cos Cob Western Sound NY Boat MATTYFIVES 11/19/06 07:58 PM
Point Pleasant Shark River/Manasquan Inlet NJ Surf Porgyboy 11/19/06 07:53 PM
the point + hither hills Montauk NY Surf sardman 11/19/06 07:53 PM
Mamaroneck Western Sound NY Boat ReelSlick 11/19/06 07:43 PM
Rye - Stamford Western Sound NY Boat Mentalfloss 11/19/06 07:21 PM

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