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Instructional Videos Currently In Stock...


Surf Fishing 101 - Montauk and Beyond VHS

Surf Fishing is one of the most exciting and conveniant forms of fishing. Surf Fishing 101: Montauk and Beyond provides all the tools you will need to be successful in the suds.

Watch a clip:

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A Review from Noreast Surf Editor, John Skinner:
An extremely comprehensive instructional tool. From equipment selection, to techniques used with artificials and different kinds of bait, novice and intermediate level anglers will build a strong foundation of surf fishing knowledge from this video. Expert anglers will love the scenery and wild blitz footage. Well worth the price.



SportFishing on Long Island DVD

From award-winning Fishing Instructor, Capt. Jerry McGrath, comes SportFishing on Long Island. Learn about locating and catching fish, knot & rig tying, chumming techniques, baiting methods and much, much more. Suitable for novices and old salts alike!
Video Length: 40 minutes

A review from Newsday Columnist, Tom Rock:
"SportFishing on Long Island is one of the most educational videos available to anglers. The video is packed with tips and gems, and if you listen to enough of them your cooler will be packed with fish. If all teachers were as good as McGrath, my days in school wouldn't have seemed so long."



Fly Fishing the Flats For Striped Bass VHS

Join world famous fly fisherman, Jeff Mancini, for this 90 minute long, complete start-to-finish sight fishing guide with step-by-step directions and live footage instructions that will teach any fly fisherman the art of sight fishing!

This video takes an amzing in-depth look at the art of sight fishing through the eyes of an expert, targeting striped bass on the flats of the Northeast.

Watch a clip from the video:
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This is the most exciting striper flats footage ever filmed! Guaranteed!

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