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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition • Volume 20 Number 6 • Jun 03 2009
About the Cover:

On this month's cover of our special offshore edition is Mike Wright, our Moriches/Shinnecock field editor, proudly displaying his 215-pound bigeye tuna. Mike caught this beauty a few seasons back on his friend Joe Baratta's 26-foot Grady White named the "Roamin Orgy".

Mike, who was a mate on tournament boats for eight years, loves to fish offshore as much as he possibly can and after reading his in-depth article featured this month, entitled "Small Boats Offshore Fishing", you will agree that he is well versed in the art of fishing the canyons and worth his weight in "salt".

We hope you enjoy Mike's feature as well as all the other features in this month's special offshore edition; we had a lot of fun putting it together. Hope this year's offshore season gets off to a great start soon and brings you some fantastic days and nights on the water.

Also, make sure you check out page 18 for our "Fishing Forecast". It is a new column that we have included, which will continue monthly in the Nor'east Saltwater Magazine until the 2009 fishing season winds down. It features great fishing reports with best bets, locations and neat tips from our field editors for each of the regions that they cover. For a look at our field editors' "weekly" fishing reports, as well as "daily" posted reports from lots of Nor'east members, check out our web site’s home page at

Good luck and good fishing.

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