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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition • Volume 20 Number 3 • Mar 10 2009
About the Cover:

With all of the excitement over the amazing codfish bite continuing at Montauk Point, it would be easy to forget that we have the winter flounder and striped bass openers right around the corner.

Although blackbacks have become more difficult to find and catch each year, there's something to say about being on your first fishing trip of the season, having fun with your buddies and the mates on your favorite party boat. No matter what the expected result may be, come the flounder season, many of us need to be at the rail, waiting for that first horn to toot. We are eternally optimistic and quickly drop our lines over proven flounder grounds, putting our faith in the experience of the captain at the helm to find us some fish. Some of us, independent diehards that we are, like to do the searching ourselves and use the spring flounder season to get our own boats and miscellaneous marine gear prepped and on the water as early as possible.

Whichever is the case for you, in this "new" Nor'east Saltwater March issue, you will especially enjoy the feature article on page 34. Captain Kent Madsen takes you to Barnegat Bay in search of those tasty flatfish and shares tips, locations and techniques that will greatly improve your odds at catching those elusive flounder, no matter where you decide to drop your bait.

Good luck and good fishing.

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