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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition
June 03, 2009
Volume 20 � Number 6

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Offshore Product Review
by Chris Grech
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Rod Huki

Rod Huki

So you've done all the hard work and hooked into a nice yellowfin or an acrobatic mako. Now what? Grab a Rod Huki and enjoy the fight of a lifetime. The Rod Huki was designed to increase leverage and stamina while allowing the angler to maintain a full range of motion by attaching to the rod instead of the waist. Standard rod belts must remain fixed in one spot. The Rod Huki can be moved during hook-up, giving you more comfort and control during the fight. These innovative pieces of gear are available in four sizes that come in gold, black, bright-anodized gold and bright-anodized aluminum.

The Standard Rod Huki is the most popular model. It fits gimbals up to 1 inch and its 9-inch base is ideal for maximum maneuverability. The Medium Rod Huki fits gimbals up to 1 1/8-inch White its larger 11-inch base fits comfortably across the lap or over the leg. If you want something even larger, grab the Big Game Rod Huki. This model is designed to land the biggest fish while fitting gimbals up to 1 ¼ inch. Its massive 14-inch base spreads pressure out across the lap for maximum comfort but maintains excellent mobility. In order to keep up with consumer demand, a new size now offered is the Medium Rod Huki with Big Neck. This model has the medium 11" base matched with the Big Game 1 1/4" neck. All four sizes are available in all four colors.

All of these bulletproof products are designed to float and are constructed out of 6063 high-strength aluminum. Additional features include Armor flex padding for comfort, durable nylon end caps rounded for comfort, heavily TIG welded throat and body for brute strength and a 20-degree bend in the body to maximize the comfort and control. The Rod Huki is handcrafted in the USA. For more information on this revolutionary product, please visit

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