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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition
June 03, 2009
Volume 20 � Number 6

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Offshore Product Review
by Chris Grech
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Dee's Diamond Flashers

Dee's Diamond Flashers

Offshore anglers can always use another trick up their sleeve. Dee's Diamond Flashers are a great saltwater trolling tuna and pelagic fish attractor. Boasting extremely low drag and ease to use, these flashers will catch more offshore species than any other fishing flasher. They are extremely effective for yellowfin tuna, albacore, big eye, bluefin, mahi, wahoo, marlin, etc. Dee's Flashers can be used with feathers, clones, swimbaits, cedar plugs, diving plugs or any other type of pelagic lure that you troll. They can be used on rods, handlines, or various forms of teaser rigs, spreader bars and daisy chains.

The sight, sound and vibration of Dee's Diamond Flashers give a unique presentation and added dimension to the lures. Together, these additional attractants will trigger the instinctive strikes that will create hookups even on days when the fish are not biting. These versatile flashers can be trolled deep, shallow, or even skipped along the surface. Ideally, they should be three to five feet in front of the lure. Dee's Flashers can be used as a teaser rig by using one of each size (Large, Small and Mini) with about two feet of line in between each. Be sure to add a drag weight or clone five feet behind the flashers when using this setup. Another use is to run off of a spreader bar in groups from one to five or six, or even more if you choose. They even work well when fished on the inside of the spread to attract fish through your lures and to bring diving fish back up to the surface more quickly. Simply pull in a straight line as part of your spread; it could not be much easier than that.

Dee's Flashers work from less than one knot up to ten knots. At the higher speeds it is recommended that the center sound circle be cut out. The patented shape reduces drag and resistance so the fish is felt, not the gear. Available colors include chartreuse, ice glow, green, pink, red, solid silver, solid chartreuse, solid green, solid red and solid white. Sizes include Mini 4 ¾-inch by 4 ¼-inch, Small 5 ½-inch by 5 1/8-inch and Large 6 3/8-inch by 5 ½-inch. On your next offshore trip, give Dee's Diamond Flashers a try.

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