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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition
June 03, 2009
Volume 20 � Number 6

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Offshore Product Review
by Chris Grech
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Alutecnos Gorilla 12C

Alutecnos Gorilla 12C

From one of the top big game fishing companies in the world comes the new Alutecnos Gorilla 12C conventional reel. This reel not only looks great, but it's tough as nails and ready to tackle the big boys. Features include infinite anti-reverse, stainless steel ball bearings, multi drag disc and eye-catching and protective silver anodizing. With a gear ratio of 4.4:1 and a power drag setting of more than 40 pounds with free spool, there is nothing that this reel can't handle. The Gorilla 12C's capacity with spectra line is 345 yards of 50-pound. With monofilament line, the 12C can hold 620 yards of 12-pound or 450 yards of 20-pound. This model weighs in at super light 24 ounces and sports an aluminum power handle.

The Alutecnos Gorilla line also includes the 12 LBS model and the 20 LBS model. The 12 weighs in at 27.5-ounces and the 20 tips the scales at 30.7 ounces. Both these models are a bit larger than the above-mentioned Gorilla 12C and are a great choice if you want a little more line capacity and the same quality parts and craftsmanship. With this superb line of Gorilla reels, Alutecnos continues to produce the ultimate big game fishing equipment and products dedicated to game fishermen around the world. Please check out this and their other top of the line offshore products by checking out

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