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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition
June 03, 2009
Volume 20 � Number 6

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Offshore Product Review
by Chris Grech
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Contender 33 Tournament

Contender 33 Tournament

So you got the right gear, now how are you going to get to the grounds? Just visit the guys at White Water Marine in Sayville, NY. They always have a ton of awesome boats on display at their massive facility. One particular model that is a force to be reckoned with is the Contender 33 Tournament. Built on a brand new high-performance hull, the 33-T has a 9-foot, 10-inch beam and a 34-foot, 5-inch LOA. This commanding vessel handles either twin or triple-engine applications. The unique layout and design of the larger, wider console features an integrated console seat forward and distinctive options, which include a trend-setting "leaning post and livewell" combination. Contender's traditional, twin above deck livewells come standard on this model, while optional below-deck livewells make it possible to house a total of four wells on this performance craft. Additional enhancements include finished hatches using a two-part mold with finished gel coat surfacing.

The forward, fully lined and insulated fishbox on the 33-T is an unmatched 208 gallons. The secondary insulated forward fishbox is a hefty 115 gallons. It's basically like having four 320-quart SSI coolers under your bow deck. There are also two 85-gallon insulated fishboxes in the cockpit to boot. Contender customizes every ordered boat for the customer. Popular choices include several different console designs that can be chosen from, including both front and side entry. Helm seat and leaning post options are as varied as the mind can dream up. There are Contender leaning post tackle centers and White Water Marine can use Birdsall for t-tops and leaning posts too. Other customizable options include pressurized livewells; clear livewell lids and custom colors on everything from fishboxes to livewells can be easily arranged. If you like to carry a lot of bait, you will like the fact that as many as four livewells can be installed on the boat. Fuel capacity can be added by gallon but standard capacity on the Contender 33-T is 400 gallons (which is a lot of fuel) and an additional 60 gallons is optional. The 33T can be rigged with twin 250's, which will do 52 mph, and as much as triple 350's and a stepped hull for pure speed junkies.

White Water Marine custom rigs the boats for the waters and style of fishing on Long Island. They have staffed experts and professional captains with over 100 years of experience in inshore and offshore fishing. Even electronics can be custom rigged for the boats at the Sayville location in their enormous rigging bay behind the shop. They take tremendous pride in giving the customers exactly what they want and need. From the 21-foot Open Center Console, to the all new 37T Contender Center Console, to the 38 Express, Contender continues to refine their designs and get better every year. Go see John Bauman at White Water Marine, 5500 Sunrise Highway, Sayville, NY 11782. You can also call 631-589-2502 or go to .

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