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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition
April 07, 2009
Volume 20 � Number 4

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Treasure Trove
by Chris Grech

Wiley X Airborne Sunglasses

Anyone who spends time outdoors should protect his or her eyes. Not only will you be able to see more fish in the water, you'll be safeguarding yourself against future vision problems. Wiley X currently offers 13 models of eyewear designed specifically for fishing. They also feature many other designs developed for dry eyes, outdoors, racing, motorcycle and tactical. The model that caught my eye was the Airborne in metallic black with polarized smoke green lenses. This particular model features a removable facial cavity seal for added function, fat temple design for increased peripheral protection, FR multi-layer foam for extra comfort, top down ventilation for a fog free environment and high velocity protection. Airborne models are available with polarized lenses in several different color combinations.


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