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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition
March 10, 2009
Volume 20 � Number 3


Salt Lines
by Steve Byrne

The following discussions were taken from our website. So you're thinking about making that offshore trip for cod and sea bass, but what about your frozen fingers? Our first topic looks at which gloves are right for you. Our second discussion is whether or not any local species are available from the surf at this time of year. You can find these and hundreds more new discussions daily at .

What Gloves To Wear When It's C-C-COLD?

Okay, so I've never fished when it is as cold as it may potentially be this weekend on a George's Bank trip. I've never preferred to use gloves given the choice but there will be no choice. What do you guys prefer? I've used neoprene; they were bulky and not warm. I have some other slightly thinner type waterproof material which also isn't warm. I've warn them with liners. It's OK, still hard to work with, always wind up taking them off for detail work & liners get wet. Have you guys tried Gore-Tex gloves? I looked at some "ice-armor" gloves intended for ice fishing & at some ski gloves. They were expensive. I saw some that said "waterproof", looked like a Gore-Tex knock off. They were only $12 so I didn't trust them. Opinions, preferences?



If you don't need to reel a whole lot, try trapper's gloves or decoy gloves. These are all rubber so the wind stays off your hands (a BIG help trying to stay warm) plus they slip on/off really easy. Most have a thin liner too (a must to keep the rubber off your skin).



I've got too many gloves. Tried 'em all, but the better are usually made from Thinsulate imho. Only problem is, if you need to keep warm, they are cumbersome & thick. It's the opposite of what the name suggests. A thin glove from any material will not keep you warm enough. The heavier, thicker gloves will.

Capt. Ed III


I go the cheap way & bring four or five pairs of the cotton work gloves. As long as I keep my hands dry they stay warm, plus they are light enough that you can fish with them on. If gloves are too big to fish with, they are useless.



What To Fish For Right Now

Other than herring, are there any other saltwater fish to fish for this time of year if you don't have a boat? Can ling be caught from places like the Jones beach piers?



If you catch a ling from the J.B. piers, you should run to the nearest store and play Lotto, since you would be on
some lucky streak!

There is probably not much besides herring to be caught from shore this time of year. I did notice a few guys posting reports of bass fishing, and catching, in the Hudson from spots in Manhattan.



You can always try for some tommycod/squirrel hake. They look like ling but you can catch them from shore. Although I have not seen any in big numbers in a long time, my friend caught 2 earlier this year but that was it. Other than that you can try the herring for some catch and release bass, or wait till March when the skates start showing up in better numbers along with the non-existent winter flounder.



As a kid in the 70's, I remember reading The Shore Caught Cod articles now and then. Even then they described it as a picky fishery and not one to really slam them.



There used to be a decent cod fishery from shore in RI years ago. With the numbers of fish around Block Island right now, it might pay for someone to try it.



As far as the tommycod and any other smaller hakes we have around here I used to get some near bays and off piers. Shrimp was always a good bait choice. These days though, they might be a bit harder to find.


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