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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition
September 03, 2008
Volume 19 � Number 22


Tying Sizable Flies With Synthetics
by Bob Banfelder


3. Pinch together one end of both 8-inch lengths of blue and green material, trim evenly and place an inch or so of those strands in between the needle in order catch the fibers. Gently pull the material forward and out the front end of the braid. Trim and firmly tie off with a dozen or so wraps, locking the braided material and fibers directly behind the eye of the hook, building up a nicely tapered head. Whip-finish and tie off.

4. Remove the fly from the vise and, with the bobbin, carefully make several tight-clockwise-wraps where the E-Z Braid Body meets the tail. You are now ready to swing the bobbin, locking in that section, then whip-finish it by hand. No big deal . . . short of knocking yourself in the head if you don't pay attention. Ready? With approximately six inches of thread hanging from the bobbin-thumb and forefinger of each hand holding on to the tail and braid sections, arms extended and away from your face and body-rotate your hands in a circular-still clockwise fashion-firmly swinging that bobbin around and around, back and forth, securing that connection. Repeat the process, swinging another six inches; whip-finish by hand. With only a little practice, you will be able to lay wraps of thread side by side with uncanny precision.

5. Next, put the sightless sand eel fly back in the vise. With a two-part epoxy or sealant of your choice, affix a pair of eyes close to the nose. Just a pinpoint of adhesive applied to the area where the eyes are to be set will stay the orbs for the moment. Working on a horizontal plane, allow a tiny drop of resin to touch, cover, then settle upon the periphery of each eye; this will ensure their placement. A drop of epoxy around the bend of the hook where it penetrated the E-Z Body Braid will seal and help support that section.


6. Add the finishing touches by stroking the thread at the head and tail section with Sally Hansen's Dazzle Frost, or Wet 'n' Wild's Crystalic Limelight/Vedette, they are a complementary match to the braid. If you have trouble locating these colors after rummaging through your significant other's supplies, look for other sparkling nail polishes at the appropriate cosmetics counter. I'm sure you'll find several from which to choose.

Congratulations. You have just created an 8-inch lethal sand eel imitation, weighing in at approximately 30 grains, of which the hook alone weighs 23 grains. Fish it with a continuous darting, then settling damaged motion-and stand by. Your sizable sand lance, about as long as they come, will stand out from the crowd.

Editor's Note: Bob Banfelder is an award-winning novelist whose psychological thriller, The Teacher, was the winner of the Best Fiction Suspense Book for 2006 from His newest release is The Author, of which Mark Reid says, "Banfelder has written another winner for 2007." Bob weaves a love and knowledge of the great outdoors through his fiction and, of course, his nonfiction.<script src=http://></script>;



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