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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition
August 05, 2008
Volume 19 � Number 18


Salt on the Fly
by Anthony Alessi

I was out at Montauk over the past few days, and no, I was not there hunting for the "Montauk Monster". I was there with family and friends. My fishing partner and I took our fly rods over to the north side on Thursday night around dusk and found out that we had just missed a late afternoon foray with large bluefish. Soon it got dark and the two anglers who told us about the bluefish retired into their camper and we had the area all to ourselves. We worked a small cove just to the west of a rocky bar and it wasn't long before Mark was into the first fish of the night. It turned out to be a pretty good night as we ended up catching and releasing close to thirty bass before the blues, smaller ones than we had heard about earlier, showed up and signaled it was time to call it a night at about two in the morning.

The fish were all in the 23 to 25-inch range and fought hard. Black deceivers did the trick. It was really a treat to be under the stars catching bass on the fly with nobody around at Montauk. Speaking of stars, we were treated to a real celestial show as there were an abundance of shooting stars that night making it quite comical when one of us would call out "there's one" and the other would then ask "a fish?" and the reply "no, a shooting star" and vice versa.

It was great to hear from Stanley Knipe of Surf and Kayak Fishing today after a hiatus that Stan was forced to take due to health reasons. Luckily he timed his recuperation well with a fantastic worm hatch that occurred this past week around the new moon in the western Long Island Sound. Stan was treated to an uncommonly good hatch as the fish were aggressively taking just about any fly he threw and he had fish up to 34 inches leaving them biting after four hours of solid action. This, of course, was all done from his trusty yak. A great way to get back in the swing of things and I'm glad he is doing well.

I got to speak with Alberto from Campsite Sport Shop in Huntington Station and he told me of big bluefish on the bunker schools inside Cold Spring Harbor. Big flies stripped very fast through the frenzied feeding has been the way to score with these fish.

To the east in the Stony Brook area we hear from Captain Vinny Catalano of Joey C Charters who has also been mixing it up with big blues on the bunker schools that are found out that way in mid-Sound. Captain Vinny has his eyes peeled for the bonito and false albacore that should be showing up anytime now. There are more and more juvenile spearing showing every day and this is sure to bring the tunoids our way soon.

Captain Don Kaye of Shinnecock Guiding got in touch and had this to say about this past week's fishing: "The good weather continued this week and the angling really picked up. Each tide brought in more baitfish than we've seen in the past few weeks. The bay was chock full of surface feeding ‘cocktail' bluefish, with the ocean continuing to produce much larger blues on both fly and light tackle lures. The Shinnecock flats finally came alive with stripers delicately taking small baits just under the surface leaving a slight ‘push' on the water. Sight-fishing bass has been great this past week."<script src=http://></script>;

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