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NY, NJ, CT, RI Edition • Volume 20 Number 2 • Feb 01 2009
About the Cover:

On our cover this month is Captain George Gozdz and 14-year-old Richard DeMarte, Junior fishing pro, captain and author holding a magnificent 54-inch barracuda. Richard, who has become a regular feature contributor to our Nor'east Saltwater magazine, headed down from his NY-based home to southern Florida this past summer for some fishing trips.

On his first outing, Richard fished with Captain Gavet Tuttle in the Miami area and enjoyed some non-stop wreck action where he caught amberjack, cobia and grouper. He then headed to the intercoastal with Captain Tuttle where he fought big tarpon on ultra light tackle as well as nighttime goliath tarpon to 120 pounds.

A few days later, after a well deserved rest, Richard fished with Captain George Gozdz, inshore and offshore in Stuart Florida, a few miles north of Miami, where he had another memorial time catching monster snook, bonito, Spanish mackerel and the awesome barracuda shown on our cover.

How did Richard manage to have two wildly successful trips with two guides and captains that have the reputation for being among the best in Florida? Read his article on page 16 for some great information on how he "Tipped the Scales" in his favor.

Good luck and good fishing!

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