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Sailing from Waterford, CT

Over 60 years in the charter boat business!
At Captain John's Dock, Waterford, CT 860.443.7259

Connecticut's Largest Fishing Fleet
Captain John's Sport Fishing Ctr., Inc. is family-owned and currently operated by the third & fourth generations. We have provided open party boat, private charter fishing and cruises to Southeastern Connecticut for over six decades. The Sunbeam Fleet has the largest fleet of boats in Connecticut.

We have a wide range of boats to choose from and a variety of trips to fit everyone's needs.  We carry from one to 149 passengers.  All vessels are United States Coast Guard Certified and are under the direct supervision of a licensed captain.  All of our boats are equipped with state of the art marine navigational and communication equipment.
Visit us at for more info.

Gift Certificates Available!

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