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Sailing from Bridgeport
(203) 550-5967

Sailing from Captain's Cove Seaport on Historic Black Rock Harbor in Bridgeport , CT.

The 8 AM Daily, sailing seven days a week, provides lots of fishing opportunity to satisfy even the most experienced  fisherman and the Sun Set Trip, sailing Thursday, Friday,  Saturday, & Sunday (Memorial Day - Columbus Day) is also ideal for those who prefer a shorter trips and is a  great weekend "sneak away" .

Don't miss the boat! It's a good idea to be at MIDDLEBANK II at least 1/2 hour before the sailing time.

Pricing: VISA & MASTERCARD ACCEPTED.  Rod, bait & tackle is included on all trips. Prices subject to change.

8 AM Daily Trip:  Adults: $60 / Children under12: $40                              
Sun Set Trip:  Adults: $45 / Children under12: $30

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