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Sailing from Gloucester
(800) 942-5464

Since 1944, Keeping the Tradition Going! All Day Fishing, Overnight Cod and Haddock trips, Tuesday Limited Capacity Trips, and new this year Super Thursday Extended Limited Capacity Trips!

Toll Free (800) 942-5464 and (978) 283-0313

Specializing in great fishing fun for the whole family!

All Day Fishing Schedule:
Monday 7am-4pm
Tuesday 7am-4pm - Limited Capacity (see below)
Wednesday 7am-4pm
Thursday 5am to 5pm - Super Thursday Extended Limited Capacity (see below)
Friday 7am-4pm
Saturday& Sunday 6am-3pm and 7am-4pm

Adults $64 Seniors (over 62) $56 Children (under 12) $56

Bait and hooks included

Half Day Fishing Schedule:
Daily trips starting June 14, 2008

Departing daily at 8 am

Adults $49 Seniors (over 62) $38 Children (under12) $34

Rod, reel, bait and hooks included

Tuesday's Limited Capacity:
Starting June 3, 2008

Tuesday 7am-4pm

Adults $78

Bait and hooks included

Super Thursdays Extended Limited Capacity:
Starting June 5, 2008

Thursdays 5am-5pm

Adults $90

Bait and hooks included

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