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About the Captain: I have over 25 years experience fishing in the waters of Long Island Sound, and hold a US Coast Guard Master Captains License.
I was born and raised on the water and it is in my blood.

I know the hotspots, reefs, and drop offs, to keep the reels spinning.

Warning: my enthusiasm for fishing, and love of being out on the water can be very contagious.    

The Boat is a 2002, Trophy Walk Around Pro Fish model with 2 large fish wells that can handle your catch, and an aerated live well to keep the bait fresh,alive, and ready for action.

Onboard we use a Garmin 540S Color GPS/Sounder, to help us stay on top of the hot spots.

A Furuno Radar unit to help us safely navigate the waters when the air gets a bit too thick, or to quickly locate the birds attacking bait fish.

There is a porta-potti for your convienance.

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