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Capt. John has fished the North Fork area for many years, and takes pride in running a clean, courteous, professional operation. He and his crew make every possible effort to assure that the customers, whether they are beginners or experts, have an enjoyable trip and achieve their expectations. All tackle is provided and your fish will be cleaned and iced for your convenience.

Fishing for all species in season, the Sundowner II is a 40' Young Brothers that accommodates up to 12 people.

The crew:
Capt. John Sinning Sr. - Fishing the waters of Long Island's North Fork since the 1950's. 58+ years local experience including 30+ years as a full-time charterboat captain. In 1982, he purchased a 35' Bruno and Stillman built sportfisherman which is the original Sundowner. In 2003, he purchased a 40' Young Brothers built commercial boat and spent nearly two years refurbishing and customizing it to fish the waters of Long Island's East End. This boat became the Sundowner II. John Sr. holds a 100 ton Master's license.

Capt. John Sinning Jr. - Began fishing North Fork waters in the mid-1970's. John Jr. has been in both the sport and the commercial fisheries. At age 14, started working at the AP White Bait Shop in Greenport and worked when needed on the Greenport Open Boats Peconic Star and Brand X. In 1984 he became the first mate on the Greenport Charter Boat Blue Albatross and earned his Master's License. In 1985, he began working on the Nancy Ann out of Orient Point where he worked for 12 years both as the mate and captain on the Nancy Ann, Nancy Ann II and the Nan-Sea. In 1997, he began to work for his father on the Sundowner and has been there to the present. John Jr. has fished commercially on both inshore and ocean draggers, commercial pound traps, commercial handlining, and commercial clamming, scalloping and other shellfisheries. 40+ years local experience including 30+ years in the fishing charter and commercial fishing industry. John Jr. holds a 100 ton Master's License.

Capt. John Sinning III (Jack) - Jack has literally grown up on the Sundowner fishing with his father and grandfather since he was an infant. Jack has worked in both the recreational and the commercial fisheries as a mate for the Sundowner Fleet and as a commercial fisherman and clammer. In 2005, Jack enrolled in the SUNY Maritime College. In 2010 he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Marine Transportation and an unlimited 3rd Mate/100 Ton Master's License. Jack spent time working for McAllister Towing, a tugboat company operating out of New York Harbor and he is currently employed by Maersk as a 3rd Mate on a ship operating out of Japan. Jack will continue to work on the Sundowner when he's not shipping. 25 years local experience in the charter fishing and commercial fishing industries.

Sailing from
Orient, NY 11957

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