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We specialize in small charters and shared trips.  Tuna Popping and Jigging and LIGHT TACKLE for cod, haddock, and stripers.  Best website for fishing reports, videos, and photos.

We have fun and you will too!  We specialize in small, affordable charters for 1-4 people. (we can take up to 5 comfortably).   Our boat is perfectly designed for fishing and riding in comfort.  The boat is designed so that 4 people can comfortably cast or jig at one time….and we have a cabin that can seat 4 of you for the ride to and from the fishing grounds.

Because of my second, higher bow rail, two people can cast or jig from the front of our boat.  When the bluefin tuna and stripers are around, there is no better place to cast or fight a fish!  We love casting at tuna and our fast boat will get you there quickly and dry.   We cruise at 30 mph and can go much faster when needed.

We like to fish and it shows.   Check out our website and you’ll find hours of videos, thousands of photos, and fishing reports from every trip that we’ve ever run.  You’ll have a blast just going through our website!

We start fishing in April for cod and haddock on Stellwagen Bank. If you’ve never caught cod and haddock in 80-120’ of water on light tackle, then fish with us in April and May and you’ll laugh all day.  It’s that much fun.  We try to use appropriate gear for the conditions—we often use gear that many use for fluke or sea bass!  It’s much easier jigging all day with a 6 oz jig vs. a 16 oz jig!  Trust me, your shoulder will thank you.  We fish for cod and haddock from April until November.

In the summertime, we also fish Race Point, Plymouth, and Cape Cod Bay for some of the best striper fishing that there is anywhere.  If you want to fish with wire line and slowly jig all day, call another captain.  Our customers much prefer using light spinning tackle to catch stripers on surface lures, minnows, and soft baits.  Once you vertically jig for stripers, you'll never use wire line again.  Sun, warmth, calm seas and breaking fish…

For tuna….whether we’re trolling, using live bait, jigging, or using spinning gear, I think it’s some of the most exciting fishing that there is.  We expect the average fish in 2010 to be 70+ inches long!!  That’s some sushi.  And the beautiful thing about 2009 was that there were tons of smaller fish around.  These are the perfect targets for spinning and jigging gear.  

And shark fishing….I won’t forget sharking.  I would shark fish every day if I could.  We do it well, fishing the deep waters east of Stellwagen for makos, blue sharks, porbeagles, and threshers.  Once the waters warm up, we can fish for sharks and cod at the same time if you like!  That’s a great combo trip!

Enjoy life while you can; it’s way too short.

See you out there,

Capt. Rich Antonino
Black Rose Fishing Charters
Green Harbor, MA (next to the Harbor Master at the Marshfield Town Pier)
[email protected]

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