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21 Ridge Rd
Walpole, ME 04573


Flowers Boatworks, Inc. is one of the finest boat building company's in America. With roots dating back to the turn of the century, the Flowers name has been imprinted on many types, shapes and designs of boats, from wood to fiberglass. Please see our "History" section to see pictures from our boat building family.

For the past 20 years, we have focused more intently on specific types of fiberglass downeast style yachts, lobster yachts and cabin cruisers, from 22' to 50' foot hulls. Our shop located in the mid-coast of Maine, is family owned. Many of our fine craftsmen are sons and brothers who have grown up in the business. On premises we feature some of the finest equipment, molds and fiberglass and COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY in the business. We can accommodate vessels up to 60 feet in length in our high bay shop.

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