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Saltwater Lures, Fishing Rigs, Offshore Fishing Tackle - All Available at Rhode Island's Bait and Tackle Shops

Saltwater fishing tackle shops are the lifeblood of recreational fishing. Stop into one of these fine tackle shops and not only will you find all the fishing gear, tackle boxes, live bait and offshore fishing gear you need, but you will learn more about who is catching what and where than from almost any other source.

You can find all the bait that you need including eels, squid, fresh frozen bunker, sandworms, clams, spearing, live killies and more. And don't just think the tackle shop is for live bait. Competitive prices are always available for fishing rods, fishing reels, tackle boxes and other gear. More importantly, your local tackle shop owner will make sure that you buy the right equipment.

Snug Harbor Marina
YOUR ONE STOP INSHORE & OFFSHORE FISHING TACKLE OUTFITTER Live, Fresh & Frozen Bait Complete Selection of Inshore & Offshore Rods, Reels, Lines, Lures, ... []

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