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Saltwater Fishing NY CT RI Nor'east Saltwater Magazine - December 2013 issue

Montauk > Viking-Cod & SeaBass
Cod/Blackfish Read the full story

Very good fishing continues so come on down and fish the Captain Dave!!!!!!! BillyA Whitestone, NY
2 days ago

Fishing continues to be hot so come on down and fish on the Captain Dave!!!!!!! Billy A Whitestone, NY
5 days ago

We are sailing twice a day from 9AM to 4PM and from 5PM to 10PM seven days a week. Fishing ...
6 days ago

Great bite for a light group of people on the Marilyn Jean 5 the other day. Strong current didn't stop the ...
6 days ago

SEABULL posted a report: Off Jones Beach
Leatherback sea turtle
1 week ago

Fishing continues to be hot so come on down. Billy A. Whitestone, NY
1 week ago

SheaDog posted a report: Nancy Ann
The Imperial Sortsmen 11 strong went for sea bass. Ricky at the wheeel leaving said we would get some fish ...
2 weeks ago

We were able to pull nice quality porgies including blues and some seabass. Fishing is still very good so come ...
2 weeks ago

Very good fishing continues with nice quality fish up to 2 pounds including cocktail blues with some decent size seabass ...
2 weeks ago

Over 300 porgies up to 3 pounds with most people limiting out including blues and seabass in the mix. Sailing ...
2 weeks ago

Report and pictures of special tile offshore trip. We are running another tile trip and fluke marathon trip!!! More information on Captain ...
3 weeks ago

Tonight we had nonstop action with porgies up to 2 1/2 pounds flying over the rail. Come on down and ...
3 weeks ago

Fishing continues to be good with big porgies, seabass and blues in the mix! Come on down and catch a ...
3 weeks ago

Come on down and catch some nice quality porgies including seabass on the Captain Dave!!!!!!! Billy A. Whitestone, NY
4 weeks ago

Tonight we had quality fish up to 3 pounds including seabass and fluke in the mix!!!!!!! Billy A. Whitestone, NY
4 weeks ago

Porgies seabass and bluefish on the menu. Come on down and fish the Captain Dave while the fishing is hot!!!!!!! Billy ...
4 weeks ago

Come on down and catch some nice jumbo porgies and seabass. Sailing every evening at 5 PM seven days a ...
4 weeks ago

Very good fishing continues with many people limiting out so now is the time to come down and fish The ...
4 weeks ago

Very good fishing continues with many people limiting out so now is the time to come down and fish The ...
4 weeks ago

Nice quality porgies up to 2 pounds including fluke and seabass! Come on down while the fishing is still hot!!!!!! Billy A. Whitestone, ...
1 month ago


Trophy Fish Means “Trophy Tackle”
Our featured Tackle Shop for this year is Trophy Tackle, located in the village of Babylon New York. Whether you fish inshore or offshore this is the place to go for practically any piece of fishing equipment that you need. Read on and see why Tony calls Trophy Tackle the “Emerald City” of all Tackle Shops. story


The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's (DEC) I FISH NY Program and Freshwater Fisheries Unit and the State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (State Parks) are pleased to announce the annual Fall Family Fishing & Children's Festival at Hempstead Lake State Park on Saturday, October 21, from 10 a.m
It was this past week in September, the 25th of the month to be exact. Fat four-inch baby (peanut) bunker border the Peconic River's shorelines and fill our bays
Donna and I kept our foldable small craft [10-foot 8-inches] Porta-Bote floating dockside in salt water and at the ready this season simply because I knew I'd be too busy to have properly spring commissioned (bottom painting being the first step), launched, and maintained our 18-foot fiberglass center console. As a point of information, you do not bottom paint a Porta-Bote because the paint would not adhere well
Free, Fun-Filled Family Event Features Interactive Activities and Informational Demonstrations and Booths!Individuals and families are invited to attend a celebration of National Hunting and Fishing Day at Congers Lake Memorial Park, 6 Gilchrest Rd (off Rt. 303) in Congers on Saturday, Sept
Continuing from yesterday, we'll take a quick peek at a couple of boats from which you can enjoy the sport of bowfishing without breaking the bank. Keeping it simple is the key
Continuing from last month, we move on to the Muzzy Classic 1020-CSS "Impale A Scale" Bowfish Arrow (overall length 34-inches inclusive of knock and 2½-inch Carp Point with Trocar Tip), which is a basic white 5/16-inch diameter shaft that boasts a reversible quick-release stainless steel Cam-Lock barb and an AMS safety slide. The arrow is designed to penetrate through tough-skinned fish
While fly anglers work season after season to refine their cast, perfect their lure knots and gather intel on remote locations, skill can only get you so far if you don't have the gear you need, when you need it. Never fumble for your landing net or wading staff with Gear Keeper retractable tether products specifically designed for these key necessities
Riverhead Snapper ClinicWednesday 8/24/17 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM.Contact: Robert McCormack 631-444-0283
We'll continue from yesterday by closely examining a pair of Muzzy bowfishing reels specifically designed for the Muzzy Addict recurve 40-pound draw-weight takedown bow. They are the type of reel of which I'm sure you are familiar; that is, a spin-cast style fishing reel as opposed to the bottle-type container retriever reels found on other bowfishing setups
After many years as a fisherman and hunter, I had bowfishing on the brain and on my bucket list. I thought why not combine my two beloved sports, fishing and hunting? I have maintained the tradition of hunting white-tailed deer with a slug gun while growing up in New Jersey, later on Long Island as well as in Central New York

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