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Catagory: Discussion BoardsDate Posted: Dec 13, 2004
How do I attach an image to my post?

It's pretty easy... assuming you know how to save pictures to your hard drive and find them later.

When you go to post on the discussion board, you'll see a field labeled Image (.gif / .jpg). In this field is a text-box and a "browse" button.

All you need to do is click the "browse" button. This will open up a file browsing window where you can search through your computer and find the image file that you want to attach to your post. When you find it, just double click it. The file browsing window will disappear and you'll see that the path of the file you selected (for example: "C:\Pictures\Fishing\bass.jpg") will now be in the text box next to the browse button. You're done. Fill in the other fields as you normally would and click "Post Message".

Here are some tips to remember:
  • When scanning in an image, make sure to crop out the blank space if your scanner doesn't do it automatically. In other words, if your photo is 4x5, but your scanner scans an 8x10 area, you'll get a lot of blank space in your scan. Most scanners provide some easy way to trim out this blank space. Usually, a scanner lets you preview what it's scanning, and you can use the mouse to drag a rectangle around just the photo, so when your scanner scans, it will only scan the contents of the rectangle you made.

  • Save your scanned file or digital photo somewhere you'll remember it. For example, you can make a new photo in "My Documents" called "fishing pictures"

  • If you want to post a picture that you found on the web, MAKE SURE IT IS NOT COPYRIGHTED or it will be deleted from our site. To save an image from the web to your computer, you just right click the image and click "Save Picture As".

  • As it stands right now, we only accept .gif and .jpg files. And (because of our resizing process) animated gifs won't display correctly on our board.

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