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Catagory: Discussion BoardsDate Posted: Jul 30, 2003
How do I insert links, bold text, smileys, etc. into my posts?

Like many other web discussion boards, the Discussion Board uses "Pseudo-HTML" for formatting in posts.
Basically it works like this: There are buttons which will insert special codes (called tags) into your post, and those codes are converted to formatting options when your post is submitted. Here's a brief summary of how to use these buttons:

align center bold italics underline quote
These buttons will cause text to be formatted a certain way (bold, italic, etc)
Clicking one of these buttons will cause 2 tags to appear in your post. For example, if you click the BOLD button, you'll see:
[B]    [/B]
whatever you type between these tags will be converted to bold text when you submit your post. So if you were to type "formatting is [B]swell[/B]!" in your post, It would be converted to "formatting is swell!" when you submit it.

unordered list ordered list
These buttons create lists. Click one of these buttons and you'll see something like this:
[ul]  [*]  [*]  [*]  [/ul]
the [ul] is the start of the list, the [/ul] is the end, and each [*] is a bullet in the list. So if you typed in "[ul] [*] this is one item on my list [*] this is another one [/ul]"
It would be converted to
• this is one item on my list
• this is another one

linkemail link
These buttons insert links. The first one is a URL link, the second is an email link. Clicking the first one will give you this:
[url=]Name of the site[/url]
replace "" with the URL you want to link to, and replace "Name of Site with the name of that site. So if you typed in "[url=]Noreast!!![/url]", it would be converted to Noreast!!!

smiley list
Smileys work a little differently. All you have to do is type in ":)" and it will be converted to . Clicking the smiley button gives you a list of the different symbols you can type in and what smileys they'll convert into.

Note that you don't have to use the buttons. Once you learn the tags (they're pretty easy to remember), you can type them in by hand.

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