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Catagory: Registered UsersDate Posted: May 19, 2003
I forgot my password AND I have a new email address. Now what?

Normally when you forget your password, we can just send it to you via email (see here). But if the email address we have for you in our database is no longer valid (you can't recieve mail there anymore), that won't work. And, to protect the security of our users, we can't just send your password to your new address.
The reason for this is: if you're not logged in AND you don't know your password AND your email address doesn't match the one in our database, we have no way of knowing that you are really the user you claim to be. So user A could try to get User B's password by emailing us and saying, "I'm user B and this is my new address, can you send me my password".
To make a long story short, if you forgot your password and you never updated your account with your new email address, you'll have to create a new account with your new address.

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