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Baitfish / Crustaceans & Cephalopods / Deceivers / Epoxies / Different Notions / Menhaden / Uniquely Nor'east / Sand Eels / Silversides / Weighted / Notes




Sea Rabbit Series
By John Schlowinski

East Cape Sardine and Flying-Fish
by Bob Veverka
by Dan Eng
Flat-Hackle Tinker Mackerel
by Dan Eng

Dino's "Rattlin' Bunny"
by Capt. Dino Torino

Sea-Fibers Baitfish
by Frank Dalecki, Jr.

The Blonde Pattern
by Jaiem Fleischmann

The Simroe Special
by Jaiem Fleischmann

Soft Body Baitfish
by Capt. Ken Kuhner


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