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Connecticut/Rhode Island Coastal Flyfishers

Our club is comprised of both freshwater and saltwater fly rodders from Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York and other points around the USA. Many of CT/RI's die-hard striper anglers ply the waters from the Western end of Long Island Sound to Boston Harbor and points North.
The club's interests encompass all aspects of fly-fishing including government regulations and conservation efforts.
Annual Activities include a summer picnic, featuring some of the biggest names in the fly fishing industry, a tournament or two throughout the season, monthly gatherings and excursions as well as activities for young fly rodders.
Meetings held on the last Thursday of the month at the Groton Elks Club. The address is 700 Shinnecossett Rd, Groton, CT, just down from the Bayberry Boat Launch.

Annual Dues $25.00
Visit our website at:

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