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left handed

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Joined: 08/26/2002
Posts: 187
 posted 01/25/2004 08:48 AM  

hello,--how's many member here at noreast ar left handed--or have member in there family who fish and are left handed---and where is the best sport's or fishing store that you been to that has left handed spool reel in stock--for us left handed fisherman and women out here----??--thank's for any help you can gave to me----jim
fishologist II

Joined: 08/22/2001
Posts: 670
Location: Broad Channel,J-Bay
 posted 01/25/2004 09:33 AM  


My sister is also a lefty.A couple years back tried to get her a lefty Penn reel for her birthday,tried catalogs,no luck.Tried my local dealer,Crossbay B&T,was told the distributors don't carry them.
It seems left handed people are one of the few groups that is still OK to discriminate against.
What this country needs is a left-handed,not left wing , president.

I hunt,and I fish,therefore,I am.
My wife cleans fish better than your wife.

Joined: 07/18/2003
Posts: 1183
Location: Brooklyn
 posted 01/25/2004 09:40 AM  

Jim I am also left handed when it comes to fishing although I'm a righty for eveything else. It just does not make sense to me why other right handed people would prefer to keep there weak hand on the rod and reel with there strong hand. My current lineup of reels includes the following.:

Light.....: Shimano Currado 201
Medium....: Abu 6501
Med/heavy.: Abu 7001 or Shimano Calcutta 401
Heavy.....: Penn Senator 113lh
Offshore..: Everol 2 speed wide 6/0

As for buying left handed reels your best bet is online but sometimes you can find them in your local tackle shop.

Joined: 11/18/2002
Posts: 230
Location: North Babylon
 posted 01/25/2004 09:48 AM  


penn reel makes a penn 705 which is a left handed model of the 704 and most of the reels today can be switched from right to left handed crank. the reason that there are so few left handed products is cause left handed people are more adaptable then right handed people.

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Joined: 08/09/2000
Posts: 24794
Location: Onancock VA
 posted 01/25/2004 10:21 PM  


and proud of it.........

"....inside every old person is a young person wondering what the hell happened??"
MakoMatt Club Member


Joined: 07/14/2002
Posts: 13142
Location: 26313.0/43267.8
 posted 01/26/2004 07:14 AM  

Southpaw here too

I do however fish with right handed equipment, that's what was available years ago and it feels awkward to me to use left handed equipment, same with golf clubs, otherwise I do everything else lefty.

LOL, I don't remember exactly what I'm about to write, but somewhere recently I read something about the number of people that die each year because they were using something or other designed for right handed people. It was not a specific piece of equipment but rather spoke about the deaths of left-handed people from many different types of equipment/things designed exclusively for right handed people. I don't know if it was true but it was a very high number. I think I read it on one of those things that get passed around to everyone on the Internet, this one had to do with odd or little known facts.


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Onemoredrift Club Member

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Joined: 09/04/2001
Posts: 7042
 posted 01/26/2004 08:20 AM  

Hi Lefty,

I am ambidextrous. Can fish either way and it doesn't phase me. I do most things with my right hand, but I notice I wrap my rods lefty and play pool lefty.

Joined: 02/20/2001
Posts: 1507
Location: Bohemia
 posted 01/26/2004 02:29 PM  

left hand reels for right handers

I'm right handed but I use left handed conventional reels whenever possible.
Spinning rods , cast right crank left. It didnt make sense to me to have to switch hands after casting to crank with my right hand. all of my fresh water casting and fly gear is set up "left handed". Salt water is a problem because of the limited availability of lefty equipment. I broke in Doughboy the same way.

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have."- Thomas Jefferson

Joined: 08/26/2002
Posts: 187
 posted 01/26/2004 02:54 PM  

got your p.m.

thank's for the information on the left handed reel's at dave flanagan---butch-- got your p.m.,--but i am having a hard time replying to it on the p.m. board---maybe because i am typeng left handed ---- (ha. ha,)----ever sent's the new firewall was installed at noreast----even getting on the site in the morning seem's to be slow----well thank's for the helpful input guy's, and you too onemore----- i want to pick-up some new stuff, before the spring get here--so i'm ready to go----soon as it warm's-up a little---thank's again----jim
MakoMike Club Member

Noreast Writer

Joined: 12/28/2000
Posts: 71023
Location: Pt. Judith
 posted 01/26/2004 04:46 PM  

That's the "normal" way for right handers to use a spinning reel! Left hander crank with their right hand!


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Makomania out

Joined: 10/28/2001
Posts: 1196
Location: Nassau
 posted 01/26/2004 09:45 PM  

so we're supossed to be "the only people in our right minds?"
Man, thats a scarey thought!

Patience, Practice, Persistance = ><> ><> ><>

Joined: 01/26/2002
Posts: 85
Location: Meadowmere Park
 posted 01/26/2004 10:53 PM  

I am allso left handed they say we are gifted?
Did you ever notice that it cost more to buy lefthanded stuff reels,bolt action rifles, compound bows,ex,ex....
The oldbayrat!
P.S. are there lefthanded fish? L.O.L.

Joined: 08/23/2002
Posts: 4205
Location: Newton, NH
 posted 01/27/2004 11:55 AM  


Hey, I'm righty so it makes little difference, but does it really matter on reels? I got a kick out of it when a very experienced fishing buddy of mine picked up my "right" handed spinning reel and used it upside down.. I just swapped it over so we both could use it that day.

It honestly doesn't matter to me, I have a hard time figuring out which side the handle goes on after dissassembling my spinning reels; only way I can tell is to look at the other reels.


"Kids, don't try this at home."
Brown Trout

Joined: 03/13/2002
Posts: 523
Location: Somers
 posted 01/27/2004 01:08 PM  

Ambidextrous w/ a tendency to the left here.

MM, OMD I find the same thing. Shoot pool and guns lefty. Golf, Hockey, righty. Baseball, switch hitter and lefty thrower. NEver had a problem w/ the fishing. All my spinning reels are convertible and the conventionals were always right cranking.

Leaky, I was waiting for someone to mention the upside down spinning outfit lol. Corrected a few in my time, but it never ceases to give me a chuckle.

Joined: 06/19/2003
Posts: 181
Location: CT
 posted 01/27/2004 01:32 PM  

Lefty , but i use right handed reels , always worked well for me so i wont go out of my way for reels that are set up for lefty.
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