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Joined: 08/03/2011
Posts: 8
 posted 04/29/2013 02:35 PM  

Hey all, I recently purchased some waders and am very new to fishing while wading. I was wondering if anyone had any pointers or just general knowledge they would be kind enough to share about wading. I live on the South Shore of LI and have heard that some people only wear their waders on the North Shore? I have taken my waders out twice both times with no luck but it was definitely more exciting being out in the water. Unfortunately, the two spots I have tried so far turned out to be very rocky and hard to navigate in the waders. Again any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.


Joined: 11/18/2010
Posts: 43
 posted 04/29/2013 03:09 PM  

Wader Navigation

Welcome to the South Shore.

Rocky is good. If it is underwater. That's a place that should hold fish.

Joined: 09/17/2011
Posts: 187
Location: Malverne
 posted 04/29/2013 03:25 PM  


A lot of people told me, on the south shore of Long Isalnd, if you are going to fish a lot of open beachs, ONLY use boot-foot waders - so I did.

Last year, I dont know really what the casue was, but I purchased my first pair of light-weight - stocking foot waders - and subsequently wading boots. The set up cost me a little more, AND I had to also buy wader pants for colder months.

But I have to say - I LOVE the decision. The entire set up is so much lighter I can not believe I wore the heavier bootfoot set. IM SURE its less ruggard, but I have not had any issues yet, AND I have sat and slide down some rocks a few times (not a lot). I LOVE the boots - MUCH more comortable fit then the boots tha come attached to waders - and MUCH lighter. Plus I feel A LOT more confident walking over jetties, even rocks in water with wading boots rather then the large rubber boots. Todays stocking foot waders have sand guards - sand DOES get into the wading boots, BUT, I have not encountered so much sand that it became uncomfortable.

"Little brown eel comes out of the cave... Swims into the hole... Comes out of the hole... Goes back into the cave again..."

Joined: 12/29/2007
Posts: 147
 posted 04/29/2013 04:10 PM  

Bootfoots are nice but IMO suck to walk any distance in

Can get away qwithout waders on either shore when it gets warmer and the water is warmer

I wear my waders on both shores, and the tip Wink

Prefer stocking foot so i can get boots i can walk a bit in

+'s and -'s to both - walk a few miles in the summer in bootfoots down the beach (added points if they are neoprene) and let me know what you prefer


Joined: 08/03/2011
Posts: 8
 posted 04/29/2013 04:29 PM  

thanks for all the advice so far...I see alot of guys out there with the stocking foot waders seems like i might be one of the only ones in the bootfoot but i dont mind them although they are a little heavy and can be clumsy at times. How about the scent of the waders does the neoprene have a scent to it that could be deterring fish from my area? Should i roll around in the dirt a little bit??
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