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surf rod holder for a bull bar

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cuda 1

Joined: 09/06/2001
Posts: 6
Location: QUEENS
 posted 09/06/2012 07:52 PM  

I need a surf rod holder for my bull bar, the last one I made myself for my Pathfinder I have no time right now and need it now, also I need a good under coater for my truck. any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks

"The Duke of Fluke"

Joined: 09/20/2006
Posts: 170
Location: Holbrook
 posted 09/08/2012 01:55 PM  

I just had my truck undercoated. I bought a 2005 4 runner and wanted to do it right. I used a guy in Ronkonkoma called Faith Auto works.There arent many places that do a professional spraying. I am very please in the job he did. Its the real deal not someone with a spray can. He treated the rust I had first and then undercoated, it was a 2 day process. Hope that helps.

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Joined: 04/22/2010
Posts: 387
Location: above ground
 posted 09/09/2012 02:44 PM  

Could you give a ballpark on the price

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cuda 1

Joined: 09/06/2001
Posts: 6
Location: QUEENS
 posted 09/10/2012 08:07 PM  

I need an aluminum surf rod holder for my bull bar

"The Duke of Fluke"

Joined: 11/03/2011
Posts: 6
 posted 09/10/2012 09:50 PM  

i too would love to hear ballpark figure on this i really need this done.
RichTrox Club Member

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Joined: 10/07/2001
Posts: 4687
 posted 09/10/2012 10:10 PM  

There is someone on the island that does cooler holders, rod racks, etc. He's pretty well-known and usually has a booth at all the shows (the Huntington Hilton show is very soon), but I forgot his name. Two minutes on google:


(631) 667-4191
60 O South Second St
Deer Park, NY

Vezco, been around for a while. Perhaps he can provide you with what you need.

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