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Porgy fishing on a partyboat

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Joined: 07/05/2005
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Location: Rome, NY
 posted 05/25/2011 12:50 PM  


I saw the fishing report from the Island Current Fleet. They went porgy fishing on 5/24.

However, I plan on visiting LI this Memorial Day to fish (I am from Upstate) and checked the DEC website for marine regulations. I saw this:
Scup (Porgy) Anglers aboard licensed party/charter boats 11 10/40*** June 8 - Sept 6/Sept 7 - Oct 11***
Scup (Porgy) All other anglers 10.5 10 May 24 - Sept 26

According to the DEC website, it appears that party boat anglers can only start fishing for porgy on June 8th. Only all other anglers (shore, private boats) are allowed to fish from May 24th on.

Am I reading this wrong? Is the DEC website wrong? Or did the Island fleet start fishing for porgy too early? I am just trying to find out what the rules are, so I don't get a ticket if I get checked while fishing on the beach or the party boat if I take a trip on one.


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 posted 05/25/2011 01:01 PM  

they, along with some other boats have a special permit which allows them to keep porgies when most can not. RSA. (research set aside) permit.

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