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the stupidist things you've seen people do on the water

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Joined: 07/11/2003
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 posted 07/22/2005 08:22 AM  


Here's one.
It was about three weeks ago while on my favorite Norwalk Island, soaking up the suds,(errr.....sun). With my trusty binoculars always by my side, because it's always a show out there, I see this boat(23 ft'r) on the other Island across middle pass, up on the rocks. 3/4 of the boat was on land with just the back 3 or 4 ft of it in the water. 3 guys trying to rock it back and forth trying to get it back in, ....N/G. Well after a short time, he tries lowering the motor in a little and tries to back it out while the others push,.....N/G.
Now get ready for this cause I thought I seen it all...............YACKERS to the rescue. Here come 6 kyaks paddling over all around the boat, so I figure there gonna try help this guy push off. WRONG..............out comes the rope, they were actually trying to PULL him off. I was laughing my a$$ off. I called to everyone on the island to come look at this. The YACKERs paddling away like there in a race, on and on and on. Did they really think it would work. Anyway, the tide came up, 5 - 6 guys now pushing and the YACKERS the boat finally floats. The YACKERs come around hi-5in it like they really did something. Now for the stupid part. The guy in the boat floats up next to one of the YACKERs and after a couple minutes he throws the YACKER a line. The yacker, must have been tired of paddling the boat off the rocks, so the guys gonna give him a nice tow in. Rope tied of the the kyak, nice slow tow in right,...............wrong. The guy suddenly starts takin off like he's pullin a skier and about a minute into it, the kyak takes a wave bow first. Did ya ever see a kyak nose dive into a wave at about 15 nots? Well, after we saw the YACKER was OK, we had a real good laugh and that move brought about a lot of horn beeping.
Just proves one point..............some people have no clue.
From now on, my digital comes off the boat when I get on shore.

.......R.I.P. I miss U Bro
MakoMike Club Member

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 posted 07/22/2005 08:39 AM  

In the same neck of the woods, but took place years ago. My son and I were out bass fishing at sundown out around the south side of Sheffield light, in my 23ft sea ox. We were just trolling a couple of turkey bone rigs, relaxing and having a good time. No other boats around, and no radio traffic. All of a sudden someone starts calling on the radio, asking for a reponse from us, by decribing our position. I get on the radio to see what's up and a guy ask me for help getting off the rocks. I ask him where he is and he says he's ar great reef off of Shefield island. I look around and can't find him, so we troll over toward great reef. The tide is dead low, so I'm going really slow on the kicker engine, just in case we kiss a rock. I still can't see him and its almost dark. All of sudden I hear shouting. I look up and here is this sailboat, about a 30 footer, perched high and dry onto top of the great reef rock. Of cours the boat is lying on its side, due to the keel. I get back on the radio and ask the guy what he would like me to do. He asks if I could pull him off. After I got done laughing, I told him that even if I could pull him off the drop onto the rocks below would probably total his boat. I wished him a good evening as I told him the only thing he could do was wait for the tide to come up, which should be in about six hours.


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Joined: 08/22/2001
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 posted 07/22/2005 08:43 AM  


great story made me lmao this morning.

You know you can't make this stuff up
Yakers to the rescue then flying yaks..... I only have one thing to say
thank god no one was hurt and stupid breeds stupid

Night fishing rules googins arehome by dusk.


Joined: 08/13/2002
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Location: West Hampton
 posted 07/22/2005 08:54 AM  

One of my personal favorites. One day I'm coming back from a day of fishing and spot a 17 foot boat floating on the bay with about 13 people on it. This guy is is waving his hands frantically so I slow down and idle over to this group. In very broken enlish, this guy looks at me and says " MY enyen... she yust fall off" Huh! he repeats it and I figuire out that he said his engine fell off the the boat. I start to take a tow rope out and he says he doesn't want to go because he doesn't want to lose the spot where the engine fell off. Keep in mind that he's not anchored and the wind is blowing 10 to 15 mph. I ask him how long ago did it fall off and says about a half hour. I asked " do you know exactly where it is" and he points to the water right behind the transom. While this conversation is going on, one passenger with a life jacket on decides to jump in the water and swim down to go get the engine. After 5 or 6 attempts to swim underwater, he takes the life jacket off and dives down. Now he's tired and starts to struggle so my buddy jumps in to save him. We get him on my boat and make sure he's ok. another 10 minutes go by and we drift at least a few hundred yards more. I tell the guy we are not going to find his engine but he still wont leave. I finally convince him to mark the spot with a float and we'll tow him back to the marina. He doesn't have anything that floats so I give him one of my old fenders. I assumed he would tie it to his little anchor and toss it in. I know it wouldn't be anywhere close but at least we could get going. WRONG! He throws the bumper over with nothing tied to it and it floats away. Finally this guys mother starts yelling at him in another laguage and convinces him to let me tow him back. I get them back to the marina and tell him to call me if he needs anything else. Basically, I'm trying to be nice but I couln't wait to get the hell away from these people.
Best part.. He calls me the next day and asks me to take him out so he can go look for his engine.. I hung up on him.

Skatemaster,time to apologize to Tevlin's parents
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Joined: 02/16/2001
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 posted 07/22/2005 09:39 AM  


Hard to beat that one!

Anyway last season my buddy on I were out fluking on my 20ft center console when we decided to make a run back to the ramp at lilco for more bait.
At the ramp we tie up at the very tip of the floating dock and on the outer most spot as to be out of the way.

Along comes a brand new maxum with the family aboard and after awhile of contemplating thier approach to the floating dock the wife starts yelling at me "How are we supposed to 'park' with you in the way...etc...etc." i tell her that there is enough room for three boats in front of me but she just yells back..." My husband is new at this and he needs to be able to pull in if your leaving could ya hurry up." I explain to the husband how to easily pull up in front of me but he doesn't say anything she just continues to speak for him....the poor guy...and boy was she mad at me. I finally get them to toss me a line and "parked" them.
MakoMike Club Member

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Joined: 12/28/2000
Posts: 71023
Location: Pt. Judith
 posted 07/22/2005 09:51 AM  

Lauch ramp follies

At the Norwalk launch ramp. Its late fall and there is almost no one around. Three guys pull up in a VW rabbit towing aboat of about 22 feet, a walkaround. I was amazed that the little car could even pull that thing. The ramp is fairly steep, so they park the car & trailer at the top of the grade, and proceed to walk down the ramp and take a look. I guess they decided that the little car couldn't take backing down that steep ramp with the trailer attached. So they go over and unhitch the trailer. The move the car out of the way and position the trailer at the top of the ramp. Then I see a guy get out a rope and tie to the tailer hitch. The three of them then proceed to puch the boat & trailer over the edge and onto the incline. One guy tries to hold onto the rope to ease the trailer down the incline. Of course that doesn't work and the whole thing goes roaring down the ramp, dragging the guy on the end of the rope and splash! The tailer went so far in you couldn't even see it! Well one guy jumps into the water, unstraps the boat, which then starts to float away. He swoms after it and finally get on board and throws a line to another guy standing on the dock. They tie the boat up and then rund a couple of more ropes from the trailer up to the top of the ramp, where the VW is sitting. They tie the ropes to the VW and drag the tailer back up the ramp and park it. Now they are are down on the dock or on the boat getting ready to go out on the boat.

I couldn't resist, so I walked down the ramp and told them how impressed I was with their launch, and asked them how they were going to get the boat back onto the trailer and up the ramp. The blank stares were priceless!


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Makomania out
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Joined: 07/21/2003
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Location: Jamesport
 posted 07/22/2005 11:36 AM  

LMAO Guys.... some really great stuff hereSmile I really can't compete but I remember back about 25 years ago hanging out at my Aun't house on Old West Lake Drive looking out over the lake and seeing a bowrider towing a skier. All of a sudden I watched in amazement as the guy at the helm and everyone else on board were all staring abck at the skier. Next thing you know, they run into a moored dinghy and catch it broadside and this boat goes airborn. The look on the face of the driver was priceless as was the look on the face of the ownner of the dinghy who came back with his sailboat a couple of hours later.

"If you can read this, thank a teacher....and
since it's in English, thank a soldier."
Capt Ed III

Joined: 03/04/2001
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 posted 07/22/2005 11:48 AM  


can't make this stuff up.


Joined: 08/13/2002
Posts: 7953
Location: West Hampton
 posted 07/22/2005 11:50 AM  

Don't look at it as a competition but as a way to relay some great stories.

(This post edited by PURSUITWA on 07/22/2005)

Skatemaster,time to apologize to Tevlin's parents

Joined: 07/09/2003
Posts: 307
 posted 07/22/2005 01:02 PM  


these stories are just amazing. I really like MakoMike's post - about the guys with the VW, imagine what when through their head when you asked how they planned to get thier boat out!? lol....


Joined: 07/27/2004
Posts: 479
 posted 07/22/2005 01:51 PM  

it was the 4th of july weekend about 10yrs ago- i had a 23' speed boat at the time which was dry docked on the south shore. i called the marina an hour before getting there to tell them i wanted to get out to see the jones beach fireworks. got to the marina and my boat was in the water as i requested. unfortunately, they forgot to put the bilge plug in! the water was up to the carbs of the 454 engine. needless to say- i saw fireworks, but they weren't the ones i wanted to see. killed the mood- along with my starter, alternator and power steering pump!

Joined: 10/03/2002
Posts: 2057
Location: Sayville
 posted 07/22/2005 02:23 PM  

I know a couple of guys that were running one night, and decided to cut the bouys in the inlet to save them some time. Only problen was they couldnt see where they were going, and ran right onto the beach. Luckily no one was hurt, and Sea Tow showed to pull them off a few hours later. Funny stuff though, I wish I could have seen it. Supposedly they were going about 35 miles per hour, and skidded about 40' on the beach Wink


Joined: 08/13/2002
Posts: 7953
Location: West Hampton
 posted 07/22/2005 03:34 PM  

25 years ago a buddy of mine has this 17' Eltro center console. He goes into Clam pond by Fair Harbor F.I.. Its a small cove with little winding streams off the back. He must have thought he was James Bond in Live and Let Die because he decides to idle down to the end of one of these twisty winding streams which isn't much wider than the boat. Once at the end, he turns the boat and nails it back to the cove. Well he gets to the first hair pin turn, the boat goes airborn and lands in the weeds. He gets thrown out and lands face first in the muck. Laughed my ass off then I bought the boat from him..I loved that boat. I still bust his chops to this day about that.

Skatemaster,time to apologize to Tevlin's parents

Joined: 07/11/2003
Posts: 34945
Location: ....knee deep in the water somewhere
 posted 07/22/2005 03:59 PM  

Launch Ramp Follies II

MakoMike wrote:

At the Norwalk launch ramp...........

The Norwalk Ramps are almost as much fun as sitting on Chimmons. It amazing how many people cant grasp the concept of backing a trailer. I know newbies have trouble, but after a few times out, they should get it.
Last summer for instance. A guy backs down the ramp, it's low tide, really low tide, the end of the ram is clearly marked with BIG SIGNS that say END OF RAMP. Well, after hitting the stops at the end of the ramp wasnt good enough I guess and he wanted the boat in so the guy gives it some gas and goes right over the stops. Now the trailer drops over the edge and he cant get it out. They had to call a tow truck to yank it out, then the ramp stop ripped out with the trailer and they had the ramp closed for about a month till it could be fixed.
And a few years ago, a couple guys getting their boat ready to launch, back to the top of the ramp and get out to remove the straps and cable. They go to the back of the boat and pull the tie downs off and forgot to put the truck brakes on. Truck, trailer, and boat all in the drink. Only trouble was, the boat floated, truck and trailer did not.
Only thing left was the top of the cab showing above the water.
Oh the endless entertainment. LOL Smile

.......R.I.P. I miss U Bro

Joined: 09/30/2003
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 posted 07/22/2005 04:30 PM  

Overheard at the gas dock

I overheard this one summer day at the gas dock, an open skiff had just pulled in for gas:

Attendant: "Where you kids heading to fish today?"
Customer: "To the inlet".
Attendant: "Where's your anchor?"
Customer: "Oh we don't need an anchor, we're just drifting for fluke"

"Fishing is all things. It's the morning star,the sun at noon. It's the afternoon rainbow, and the ring around the moon"
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