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So what new tackle did we all buy for the coming Season?

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Leprechaun Club Member

Inshore Tackle and Techniques with Lep
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Joined: 08/11/2000
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Location: Wantagh/Seaford, N.Y.
 posted 04/05/2007 09:30 PM  

For most of us its a never-ending project, identify holes in our tackle collection and filling them with gear that we think will do the job. Of course no one has an unlimited budget - and naturally it usually takes years to get the arsenal into a condition in which most needs are well met. But come on, let's be real, there's nearly ALWAYS a few bux squirreled away for a new toy or two for the coming season. After all, that's what we do - at least the non-Piker "Tackle Ho's" among us, that is.

In my case I had two specific goals in mind -

1/ Upgrading out of my pair of Shimano Tekota 500 reels and into a pair of the new AVET MXJ's. Last season I swore would be my last having to deal with the ZIIIP-ZIIIP-ZIIIP of my free-spooled Tekotas' clickers as I drifted my bunkies along off the local South Shore beaches in a swell. It always drove me to distraction, so last May I started a "spare-change" collection. All last season, every day I'd come home and drop my pocket change into a old inverted water cooler jug. I was under the impression that my plan was working quite well, 'til I found out that "Shewhomustbeobeyed" was raiding the jug for MTA change. Still, there was a decent amount in there by this past March. So that, coupled with the sell-off of one of my Tek-500's helped mitigate the financial pain. Now this season I can just cast out the bunkie, set the lever drag just above free-spool and enjoy some peace and quiet while I concentrate on using the binos to check out the local beach bikini action. If one of my baits gets a bit too rambunctious, without a bass harassing it that is, I can just squinch up a hair on the lever and no more noise - ahhh, peace and quiet at last. That the drag on these new AVETs is so silky smooth is an added blessing - not that a Tekota drag is anything to sneeze about to begin with. I may well sell off that other Tek-500, I don't think I have any use for it any longer, so if someone here needs a near-new levelwind like that, let me know. Crazy-Lep's pricing is INSANE!

2 - Issue "Dos" - Last season the bass were running extra large and dealing with a good percent of them at night on my Loomis custom BB965 was more than a handful. So I had the "Need" for something with a bit more of a magnum taper to deal with bigger fish in stronger currents. I didn't want another $450 rod, no more of those for me right now please. But like I said, I did "Need" something more substancial. So I spent the Winter (And all day at the Suffern Show) looking at rods and bare-blank candidates and finally found what I think will work particularly well. Its a Lami Inshore Classic blank, the IC96H. Another 8-footer, but with more oats than the Loomis I enjoy so much. Yet it still features a tip light enough to really work a small surface plug or feel the delicate tick of a good bass tapping the rear of my bottom-bounced bucktail. And where would someone like me find such a blank? Haah, that one's too easy - right in the extensive inventory of our own Captain Neil's shop. In the spirit of a true innovator, he likes to buy a new blank every now and then as they are introduced - and these new IC-series blanks were redesigned just a season or two ago. Now with a gorgeous translucent deep blue color, they are as beautiful as they are nice action-wise. I snapped that baby right up and its scheduled for the wrapping bench of my best bass-fishin' buddy in short order. If anyone wants to check this blank out as a finshed rod, its actually sold factory-assembled as the Lamiglas Inshore Classic IC-80H. Even in factory trim its a nice piece. But I do like a rear grip a bit longer than the factory provides, so a custom job it shall be. Paired with one of my spiffed-up Abu BG6500C's, I have a good feeling that many bass will fall to it this coming season.

3 - I actually didn't "Need" this last piece, but Capt. Neil really wanted to put this one together for me - a true friend for sure - and so I succumbed to his good-natured offer. It will be an ultra-cool fluke jigger, built on a near-impossible to find DNY Impact 6' H-actioned blank - one of the finest light-tackle blanks ever to come out of Japan. Dick French, late of Clemen's Rod Building Supplies, always said these were among the straightest, highest quality blanks he'd ever seen and I can now see why. Paired with a tiny Abu ProMax 1600C and a "B/S" jig/teaser rig, I can already tell that this rod will absolutely wreck the local fluke, keepers or not. I was just at the good Captain's house, and compared the Impacts to what many consider one of the best fluke-jigging blanks around, the old Lami XC-series. It was amazing how much faster the tip of the Impact recovered from a flex, relative to the already top-of-the-line Lami XC's. I can hardly wait to give it a workout - and if all you Captain Neil fans would just back off a squinch, Neil could get that rod to me in time for a shot or two at those big Joisey Nudie-Beach flundies towards the end of this month. I'm certainly not holding out much hope though - he's really got that Long Islander series of his custom rods cranking. Many, many orders and reorders going on there. Oh well, there's always the fluke to break my new baby in on.

By the way, if anyone of you is in the market for a really sharp light-tackle fluke jigger, but don't want to go for your lungs on a hi-dollar custom, you should get with Captain Neil and review his very newest sub-set of Long Islander series rods - the "Graphite Fluke Jiggers." I believe he has three different ones in the series, and depending on which you select, he can set you up with one that can handle as light as 6lb test and 1/4-oz jigs. Or something a bit more substancial that would be comfortable in the heavier lure classes to better than an ounce or so. His pricing as always is ultra fair and is more than competitive with many factory-built stick of frankly, lesser quality, and with these newest LI'ers you get to pick the color scheme and any upgrades you might desire. I predict another big hit for Neil with these rods. Who the heck deserves it more than he?

Anyway, what new additions did you all pick up this season and for what type of fishing?

Best, Lep

"Hi, my name is Pete and I have a fishing gear problem."

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Joined: 02/14/2006
Posts: 2428
Location: Greenlawn, NY
 posted 04/05/2007 10:16 PM  

Offhore: for tuna/mahi/shark

2 chaos 50-100 6ft rods aftco roller guides
2 penn 30' vsw

4 36 inch spreader bars
2 alutecnos fighting belts
6 hammered diamond jigs 6-10oz
4 shimano butterfly jigs

1 penn 6500 spinning reel

2nd raymarine E80 for the boat
ARC epirb


made a whole bunch of 24 inch trolling tubes and fishfinder rigs for bass'n, reorganized all tackle in storage boxes, cleaned reels, new line, sharpened hooks...

read through all last years logs,

This season cant start quick enoughup


Joined: 08/22/2006
Posts: 948
Location: Bethlehem, Pa.
 posted 04/05/2007 11:15 PM  

Avets, Avets and more Avets

I plan on fully retiring in eighteen months and since I'm still working I wanted to upgrade all my gear. I bought my first Avet (SX) three years ago and loved this little reel. Then an (LX) and landed some quality Tuna on that relatively small reel. Last year I bought the SX 2-speed and that did it. I got the MX 2-speed, JX 2-speed and the EX 2-speed. I also had custom rods built on Seeker blanks and purchased a few factory Seekers. I always wanted some matched spinning gear and bought the sixteen pound class Fin-Nor rod and reel and the eight pound class reel on a custom Seeker.

I plan on keeping some of my single speed Avets but some will have to go. I have a LX 6.0:1 Silver Avet in the classified now. I will offer all my Penn's(USA),Daiwa, Shimano and New Okuma gear for sale in the classified soon and what ever does not sell goes on E-Bay. My wife thinks I'm in the tackle business.

This will end my quest to upgrade my gear and I should not have to buy any more in my lifetime.......................Yea, Right.


PS. I think I need a Hoo-X

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Joined: 03/29/2005
Posts: 199
Location: The Wetside, NJ
 posted 04/06/2007 09:19 AM  

a couple of things

I picked up a Curado 300 DSV, its gonna be my inshore casting/plugging reel, Thanks Lep, now I have to find a use for my Abus, lol

And I picked up a Lami inshore classic, 8'6" H, Thats gonna be my jetty/beach plugging stick.

I'm just waiting for this chill to be over and done with...

Representin on da WET SIDE!!!
Billy40 Club Member

Joined: 12/16/2001
Posts: 9681
Location: Staten Island
 posted 04/06/2007 09:20 AM  

I picked up a few new GUSA's. GUSA 7MH Advantage, higher modules than teh 703DHX, it's a little lighter and a litle stiffer, sweet rod. I got a special run of 70 MEga Mag's, which will be my all around rod - private boat Blackfishing, ocean Fluke, Sea Bass, porgy with heavier sinkers (6-10oz), even gonna make a few private boat Bass trips live lining and chunking. I love the Calstar 700L, but this blank blows it away in every category with the exception of the possibility of breaking if I'm stupid.

Lep, the Impacts are sweet, no doubt. Teh comparison to the LAmi XC's being top of the line...can't be since those blanks have been discontinued for 2 years. Even when they were available, they weren't top of the line, the IMC's were IM7 compared to teh IM6 of teh XC's. In spite of that, there is no comparision between theose blanks, the Lami's are twice the size and the Impact twice as stiff, lol. Each has a place though.

The HNIC of Teh NERBs

Co-Designer of the Seeker Hercules line of blanks & factory rods

Billy Vivona's XL Rods website

Joined: 11/10/2004
Posts: 1860
 posted 04/06/2007 10:36 AM  

hey lep now rather than listen to the annoyin clicker of the tekota when the bait is going out, you will have to listen to the annoying clicking that avets make when your reeling stuff in Smile

Joined: 06/30/2006
Posts: 103
 posted 04/06/2007 12:09 PM  

Money, money, money. I can't keep hiding the bank account statements from my wife! If she see's one more tackle shop listed on a statement, I'm pretty much dead.

1 - Avet MXJ
1 - Avet SX - for my lighter weight set-up
1 - Penn 560L (live liner)to round off my 560L collection to 5 total
1 - Shimano TLD25 (to round my TLD count off to 4)
1 - 1" Betts mesh cast net
4 - rod blanks, guides, reel seats, etc.
1 - 21' Steigercraft
5 - spools of Power Pro braid
25 - floating bucktails

It's a sickness I tell you.

"Nobody makes me bleed my own blood...."
Captneilf Club Member

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Joined: 08/14/2000
Posts: 10313
Location: Sayville, NY 11782
 posted 04/06/2007 12:18 PM  

Hi gang,

Thanks Lep.

No new stuff for me as time is of the essence. Have been blessed with many many rods to build for you fishermen and if they don't get delivered I will be in trouble, BIG TIME!

Have 5 new demos started and no time to finish them. As soon as I can I will finish them and test them. Maybe even catch a fluke or two.


Capt Neil

Custom Fishing Rods  
The Long Islander Series


Joined: 08/08/2006
Posts: 200
Location: The Outdoors
 posted 04/06/2007 12:38 PM  

new for 2007

Lep, A great question for this time of year as everyonre gets ready for the upcoming seasons. I bought alot of new stuff, I had to put my daughter on the payroll to keep her quiet and accept the UPS packages before my wife saw them. Some close calls........

1. Capt Neil rod 7'MH LI series (best buy)
2. 2- Okumo 200 reels for the kids
3. 1-Ugly Stik Tiger 7' for kids
4. Shimano TLD25 for me
5. 8ft Lamiglass cod rod for me
6. 3-tamdem 4oz teasers from Tom
7. 6-teasers from Harvey
8. 6-squid teasers from Harvey
9. clip on belt rag holder (st. joe's flea mkt)

other stuff I can't remember...............Kevin R

Joined: 08/31/2004
Posts: 258
Location: miller place
 posted 04/06/2007 05:25 PM  

what new tackle did you buy

peter wants to buy your old tackle
peter cash 631-680-1965


Joined: 06/13/2004
Posts: 344
Location: Hudson Valley / City Island
 posted 04/06/2007 05:34 PM  

Heres my buying spree:

1) 3- Capt.Neil Medium Rods
2) 1- Chaos rod
3) 2- Single speed Avet MXL's
4) 1- Avet single speed SX
5) Numerous Teasers for Fluke
6)Many , many GAMAKATSU hooks for the Bass rigs
7) couple of spools of Power Pro
ShadesFoul weather Gear
9) Some trolling lures and umbrella rigs

Their is quite a bit more and i am sure will continue thru the season.Lep i agree totally with that annoying clicker sound when its not a hook up, last year i used the shimano charter specials and those lever drags certainly take care of the problem.

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Joined: 04/19/2003
Posts: 539
Location: oceanside
 posted 04/06/2007 06:31 PM  

The only thing I bought was a new flounder rod rated for 2-6lb test and a sedona 1500.The reel doesn't even hold 100 yds of 10lb braid.The outfit has already being broken in on a couple of flounder to 1.8lbs and boy was it fun.


buy american,buy union, union member and proud of it
new hampshire

Joined: 09/28/2001
Posts: 6337
Location: USA
 posted 04/06/2007 08:17 PM  

Bought: A Saltist 40 and had Tunatoys do a drag and bearing upgrade and thats about it Frown

Looks like she got beat with an uglystick(((SHAKESPEARE)))
That is.

Joined: 02/04/2006
Posts: 29505
Location: Raritan Bay NY
 posted 04/06/2007 08:50 PM  

just added to my arsenal a pair of TLD15'S matched to a pair of Penn mariner standups, a 6'6" offshore extreme rod with a Pflueger Medalist spinning reel 6040,some zucchini squid daisey chains, a pair of taco grand slam outriggers for my boat and last but not least a Furuno 1623 radar for the boat, so basically im pretty much set in tackle(never say enough), just looking to get the boat ready for a couple of offshore trips this year...........up

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