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Fishing from bridges

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Joined: 12/30/2001
Posts: 28
 posted 05/30/2005 09:29 PM  

Hello all

I have heard and read about people fishing from bridges, and so I wanted to go and take a look. I have driven by the Meadowbrook and Wantagh bridges and I do not see anywhere to park that looks legal. Am I missing something?
Do I have to risk a ticket to fish from these bridges?


Joined: 06/29/2003
Posts: 138
 posted 05/30/2005 09:34 PM  

if u want some exercise u can ride your bike or run on the trail from cedar creek park to jones beach. this path goes over all three wantagh bridges


Joined: 04/12/2005
Posts: 124
Location: Hempstead
 posted 05/30/2005 10:25 PM  

Bridge Fishing

Hey Topaz! To answer your question, it is illegal to fish on top of the Bridges. You are also not allowed to park on the shoulder or in the bushes around them. You can ride a bike to fish on the rocks under the bridge or get someone to drop you off. I hope that helps.

Joined: 06/10/2002
Posts: 717
Location: NYC
 posted 05/31/2005 06:31 PM  

Topaz, not sure where you're from, but if yer just lookin for a spot, it is legal to fish from the first Cross Bay Blvd bridge in Queens....there're even two parking lots right as you come off the bridge headin towards the rockaways, all you gotta do is walk back up to the spot you wanna fish in....

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Joined: 07/08/2002
Posts: 2015
Location: brooklyn, nyc
 posted 05/31/2005 07:00 PM  

no "risk", its a guaranteed ticket at the bridges you mentioned.
the last person i know who parked there got 3 tix, his passenger got 1 too!
folks' advice here is right on. bike or just go to one of the legally accessable bridges like crossbay.

im back mofos!
iskateforfun (at) gmail  dot com
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