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Joined: 02/14/2003
Posts: 100372
Location: 100/100
 posted 01/26/2007 06:42 AM  

7.4 degres in moriches.......

what's it by you?

its a  tiger shark A WHAAT



Joined: 04/25/2002
Posts: 5966
Location: Fort Lauderdale,Florida
 posted 01/26/2007 06:46 AM  

A chilling 3.9 here downReallydown

Captain Dale  
Sgt at Arms, Pikers
Onemoredrift Club Member

LI Sound Fishing
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Joined: 09/04/2001
Posts: 7042
 posted 01/26/2007 06:49 AM  

3.5 here. Brrrr
new hampshire

Joined: 09/28/2001
Posts: 6337
Location: USA
 posted 01/26/2007 06:56 AM  

Lucky guys! -3 degrees in warm NH. Without the wind chill!

Looks like she got beat with an uglystick(((SHAKESPEARE)))
That is.

Joined: 07/09/2006
Posts: 5870
Location: In the Geeerage with bocephus
 posted 01/26/2007 07:04 AM  

Who measures temperature with decimals???ConfusedConfused

Anyway....the little icon on my puter says it's 8*. I'm watching my wallet empty itself through the chimney.Really

It's Five O' Clock Somewhere

A shot of tequila,...... beer on tap,.......a good lookin woman,.....sittin on my lap

Joined: 12/15/2001
Posts: 6217
Location: High and Inside
 posted 01/26/2007 07:16 AM cold I looked out the window and saw my chicken with a capon.


Joined: 11/26/2004
Posts: 709
 posted 01/26/2007 07:17 AM  

Heat wave were I am, a whopping 12 degrees...


Joined: 04/25/2002
Posts: 5966
Location: Fort Lauderdale,Florida
 posted 01/26/2007 07:21 AM  

shebeen wrote: cold I looked out the window and saw my chicken with a capon.


Captain Dale  
Sgt at Arms, Pikers

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Joined: 11/06/2000
Posts: 24723
Location: Rosario, Arg
 posted 01/26/2007 07:51 AM  

It's so coldddd.......It took me 36years to finally wear a pair of gloves to work...I think am going soft. Last night I went out bowling and wore shorts. Man did I freeze my butt off.


Joined: 06/14/2004
Posts: 17224
Location: U.S. waters
 posted 01/26/2007 08:18 AM  

so cold the Tidy Bowl man is ice skating (but-a-bing)

so we finally get a taste of winter on Jan 26...not bad in my book

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."


Sortino OUT

Joined: 04/05/2001
Posts: 2839
Location: North Shore
 posted 01/26/2007 08:43 AM  


Amen to that.....if the next six weeks were all this cold we would still be ahead of the game ! ( Not that I am wishing for that ). This will go down as one sweet winter !
Ski people are really screwed, and ice fisherman upstate may never get onto the lakes.


Joined: 04/22/2005
Posts: 1414
Location: East Meadow
 posted 01/26/2007 08:45 AM  

10.4, 2 w/ the wind chill

but so cold that my nose hair hung down with icicles

Joined: 01/11/2006
Posts: 3396
Location: SI / New Jersey ><((((º>
 posted 01/26/2007 09:00 AM  

-5 with the windchill here at work in Holmdel NJ. No smoke breaks for me todayReally

><((((º> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Joined: 07/11/2003
Posts: 34945
Location: ....knee deep in the water somewhere
 posted 01/26/2007 09:00 AM  

The thermometer outside my office window reads 7* right now.up

When I got up this morning, my remote thermometer on my dresser was reading 2* outside temp. The actual room temp down in my living room was a sweltering 56 degrees.
I sleep with the heat nazi who would rather add a few more blankets to the bed than turn the heat up.upToungueup
I don't really mind cause I like it a bit cool anyway.upup

I have a programable thermostat that is set with 4 settings.Roll
Monday thru Friday
5 A.M. heat comes on to 68*
9 A.M. heat goes back to 58*
4 P.M. heat goes back up to 68*
10 P.M. heat goes back down to 58*

For the weekends
Heat stays set at 65* across the board.upToungueup

.......R.I.P. I miss U Bro

Joined: 05/04/2005
Posts: 3407
Location: Western Suffolk
 posted 01/26/2007 09:02 AM  

7 degrees when I went to the gym at 0500 and now it got warmer 8 degrees.

FIRST IN LAST OUT.....   of the water
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