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What's the best dog food?

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Joined: 09/04/2001
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 posted 09/08/2004 09:17 AM  

I have been feeding the dog's hill's science diet for years but I am getting tired of paying $45 a bag. I have been reading that there are brands that are just as good (if not better) for much less $$$ just wondering what everyone else feed's their best friend? Thanks

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 posted 09/08/2004 09:37 AM  

I don't have a dog right now, but for years we bred and showed St. Bernards. We used to buy Gaines meal, in 500 or 1,000 pound lots, directly from general foods. We supplemented the food with a product called "mirrocoat" and rendered beef fat for the dogs that were on the show circuit. Never had any problem with that regime.


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Joined: 07/25/2002
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 posted 09/08/2004 10:35 AM  

I hear Pruina One is a great food and I feed it to my Boxer daily. But....I modify it a little:

I get chicken leg quarters, or thighs from the supermarket. I cook boil them in water for approixmatly 1 hr 30 minutes. While the brew is cooking I throw in some carrots, cut up beets and potato's.

After all is cooked I take all the chicken, carrots etc, and keep it in a tupperwear container (actually containers).

When feeding time comes I pull the meat off the bones and mix it with the carrots, and other veggies, then mix it with the Purina One.

This way he gets great nutrition with veggies, meat and whatever is in that dog food crap!

Boxer loves it Smile

Here he is at 6 months:

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Joined: 02/11/2003
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 posted 09/08/2004 12:33 PM  


Thats what Simon gets


Joined: 08/22/2001
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Location: Lindenhurst
 posted 09/08/2004 12:55 PM  


I used IAMS But Rocko likes purina 1 chicken flavor. & a little leftover steak now & then
PS he is twice that size nowdays LOL!!

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Joined: 01/17/2003
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Location: bay shore
 posted 09/08/2004 03:20 PM  

i feed my bullmastiff nutro go to it will give you some good info on dog food there not all the same any dog food with allot of glutin in it is bad for the dog,i have been reading up on natural raw meat diets that are suppose to be the best for your dog and its intresting do a search for the best dog food you will be amazed at what you find out.... jmo

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Joined: 02/11/2003
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Location: Cor-J
 posted 09/08/2004 03:57 PM  

1 More of my boy


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Joined: 04/11/2001
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 posted 09/08/2004 05:28 PM  

Purina Dog Chow

$15 for 55-pounds at Costco.

All of our dogs (labs and pointers) have been raised on it and did great. Their bowl is always full, they eat when they get hungry and they stay fit and healty.

Making your dog a fancy meal is just making things difficult for you, the dog and anyone you leave it with if you go away. Keep It Simple Stupid is the best policy. My grandmother spoils her mutt with cooked food mixed in the food, and when she leaves, he sulks around and won't eat, then he gets impacted and a trip to the vet, with an enema straigtens him back out again.

StrikeThree, I've heard good and bad things about those BARF diets. Make sure you do some more research on it before you commit to it. Googinator has some interesting thoughts on that diet.

Goog, nice Newfy. How old, he looks like he's still got some growing to do if he's only at that kid's waist.

Here is a guys pup that was weighing in at a paltry 180-pounds and still has about another year to fill out.

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Joined: 02/11/2003
Posts: 807
Location: Cor-J
 posted 09/08/2004 05:59 PM  


He is actually 4 and not full Newf- his mom is a black Lab and his dad is a Landseer(black and white) Newfie. He had a session of intimate relations with Gradysailfish (much to Alex's dismay, remember that morning before togging )
My dogs bowl is filled once a day and stays that way, so he can eat when he is hungry, no chicken or veal or whatever(maybe some treats)here is a shot of my lazy pal

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Joined: 02/23/2003
Posts: 1111
Location: Lake Grove NY
 posted 09/08/2004 06:06 PM  

I alwayw gave my dog Bil-Jac dog food. She lived 14 healthy years.

Joined: 05/30/2002
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Location: Sheepshead bay
 posted 09/08/2004 06:07 PM  

I don't use any brand.I don't have to feed him just dust him off every once in a while.:)


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Joined: 07/25/2002
Posts: 2038
Location: 40 26.09/73.32.07
 posted 09/09/2004 08:41 AM  

My Boxer's bowl is filled all the time with Purina One. About twice a day I give him his special treat. My first dog: German Shepard/Collie mix lived to 16 or 17 (when we found him the vet said he was about 3 or 4) he lived with us for 13 years.

My second dog, an English Bulldog lived to 11 and was healthy as can be until he had his accident....he fell into the water and drowned (nobody was home and a neighbor left my sliding doors open behind my house)

The Bulldog was very active and healthy, something remarkable for almost any Bulldog, let alone a 11 year old one.

My Boxer is 7 months old now, and I may g4t another 1.5 year old Bulldog today. If Bulldog and Boxer get along, I'll take the Bullie in.

Purina One seems to be the most common food.

It is somewhat of a pain in the ass to cook for them, but ohh well...they're our best friends.

Yes googs Simon was VERY friendly that morning. He's one cool dog though.

"A true patriot supports his country always and his government when it deserves it." -Mark Twain

Joined: 02/04/2003
Posts: 69
 posted 09/09/2004 09:23 AM  

Has the boards gotten this boring that this topic is being discussed?

I understand that there are dog lovers out there, I am one, but I never thought I would see this post on noreast.

Sit Boo Boo sit. Good dog

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Joined: 02/11/2003
Posts: 807
Location: Cor-J
 posted 09/09/2004 09:36 AM  


Who you kindin' he looked like John Holmes on your thigh....we should have brought him on Mikes boat

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Joined: 07/25/2002
Posts: 2038
Location: 40 26.09/73.32.07
 posted 09/09/2004 11:44 AM  

Brought him on Mikes boat?

He snarly and growls at Mike L, just like he does at those landscapers around your house. For some reason it seems his "6th" sense just gets the better of him when Mike is around.

That day did suck, first I almost get raped by your dog, then the while "drifing for blackfish" our illustrious captain hacks it.

Jay, rmember that Bulldog I was telling you about...they're brining him over today. If he and Boxer get along, Boxer will get an adopted brother.

I LOVE SMUDGE FACE DOGS. Nope I don't like the beak/snout faced dogs like Labs, Newfies, German Shepards...give me a Boxer, Bulldog, Pug or something "ugly" anyday!

"A true patriot supports his country always and his government when it deserves it." -Mark Twain
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